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Just Another Zenescope Monday: May 26, 2014

Another Zenescope Monday

Welcome to another installment of Just Another Zenescope Monday. This is your one stop shop for reviews of all the comics from Zenescope Entertainment. If you are a returning reader, thanks for coming back. If not, be sure to catch up on the last few weeks right here. Otherwise, you are here for the reviews.


Another ZenescopeGrimm Fairy Tales presents Godstorm Hercules Payne #2 – Andre Payne, a man on the wrong side of the law, was involved in an attack on cops that ended with the death of his little brother. Now, as the funeral has ended, Terrell Taylor’s goons attack Andre and show him a video of the attack, showing Andre clearly firing at the cops. Andre is forced to be a lackey for Terrell, a drug lord who is currently in the thrall of the Dark Queen in disguise. What’s a boy to do? In an alley behind a diner, lightning strikes, revealing Zeus, who tells Andre the story of how he met Andre’s mother and that Andre is his son. This does not sit well with Andre, but as he storms off, Zeus hits him with a lightning bolt, giving Andre cool powers and a mask that comes and goes as he needs it. Now he has the power he needs to bring the fight to Terrell, except that Terrell knows about him and has sent another goon squad out to kill him. Will lightning strike twice? Pat Shand, AC Osorio, and Omi Remalante Jr, come together to tell this tale of the origin of a hero.

Another ZenescopeGrimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension #4 – The showdown with the Being is here. With Julian and Samantha together following Jacqueline’s death, Innocent comes the Being and warns him of their plans. He has set himself up as the new god of Earth, but there are still those who believe that his way is one of fear and control and not love and freedom. Innocent goes to Samantha to try to persuade her that the way of the Being is the only way to keep this world safe. She says that without his power, the Nexus and all the realms will fall into a Dark Age… as we have seen in the other series, with the Dark One and Dark Queen amassing an army to conquer and destroy. There really is a ton going on in this issue as Liesel Van Helsing meets with Sela and heads of for an assault on the Being, Alice Liddle and Shang have a little sit down discussion, and Julian heads to the White House for the final showdown with the Being. As the battle commences, Samantha shows up with Innocent to battle for the Being. This is just a battle royalle not to be missed.

Another ZenescopeGrimm Fairy Tales presents Helsing #2 – Liesel heads to Rome following the trail of the mysterious journal supposedly from her father telling a tale of his exploits in New York City and meeting a vampire that could not be killed. This mystery may be more dangerous than she expected. Liesel enters Harker’s Bookstore in Rome only to be greeted by a welcoming committee of three vampire brides. Quickly dispatching two and chasing off a third, Liesel knows that this is the place for answers. She goes to talk to Harker, but he screams like a girl and passes out. She takes him back to her room, still unconscious, and leaves him on the floor while she pores over the pages of her father’s journal. The tale that unwinds is one that uncovers lie after lie that her father told her, about her place of birth, the death of her mother, and her father’s travels. What will happen now that Liesel is heading home to hunt a killer?

Another ZenescopeGrimm Fairy Tales presents Warlord of Oz #1 – The story so far is that Oz has been freed from the tyranny of the two evil witches, Lynessa and Zinna. However, there is still one last witch in Oz, and she could be the worst evil that Oz has ever faced. Dorothy has been gone from Oz for over a year, and she is having very strange dreams. Meanwhile, back in Oz, the scarecrow, Bartleby, is an adviser to the king. During the daily business, Bartleby is reunited with an old friend, Thorne, the “cowardly” lion. They head down to talk to Glinda, the good witch. In the library, they come upon Glinda and her new protege, Adraste. Back on Earth, something strange has happened to Aunt Em, she is in a coma and has a strange color about her skin. Dorothy’s dreams are getting worse and worse and she feels helpless. Suddenly, Dorothy is picked up by a tornado and dropped into the fallout of a battle between Glinda and a creature that calls itself both “The Past” and “The Future”… But who is it? And how can Dorothy help? I guess we will find out in the next issues of this six-issue mini-series from Jeff Massey and with awesome artwork from Miguel Mondonca and Grostieta.

Four great books out this week from Zenescope. I was planning on doing previews this week, but with four new books coming out next week, as well, I was afraid that would be too much Zenescope… if there was such a thing. Instead, I will save those wonderful comic books for next week and give you something to look forward to. Thanks for tuning in to Just Another Zenescope Monday, I hope you enjoyed it and will like and comment to let me know you support this column.

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