Just Another Zenescope Monday: Morning After SDCC Edition

Zenescope Monday

Another big convention has come to an end. San Diego Comic Con was last week and now we are dealing with all the news and stuff that happened. One of the big announcements for fans of electronic copies of comics is that Zenescope will be one of the companies working with Comixology to allow DRM-free backups of all their comics. That means you can now download and own that digital copy without feeling like your are renting it from the site. Otherwise, most of the huge stuff had happened just before SDCC, so this Just Another Zenescope Monday will begin with the fallout from Grimm Fairy Tales #100 and all the changes that we were left with as the realms collide.


Zenescope MondayHelsing #4 – The big finale to the story of Liesel Van Helsing. I really enjoyed this wrap up, even though I am still reeling from the fact that… oh, well, that is a sort of a spoiler if your are not reading things. Anyway, this whole issue is about reconciliation and family. As Liesel heads to the land formerly known as Transylvania, she thinks back on her first kill and how her father had taught her so much. Entering the monster’s castle, Liesel immediately attacks the Deathless, this vampire who may have killed her father. The battle rages and even though she seemingly kills the creature, he simply turns to smoke and rematerializes in a new body. As he traps Liesel with his powers, he throws her in to a dungeon cell and chains her to the wall, right next to her father. Not alive, but undead, her father had been turned into a vampire by the creature. Liesel has to fight for her life, and, in the end, must kill her father, who has lost his senses from being deprived of blood for so long. Hades shows up at the last minute as the castle burns and the creature and his henchman escape into the night. This chapter of Liesel’s life is not necessarily an ending, but more of a beginning, as she realizes that her life in the 21st century can be just as interesting as her previous life, and maybe a little more surprising. Great book from Pat Shand and the awesome art team. My Rating: 4.5/5

Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales presents Godstorm: Hercules Payne #4 – Another miniseries that effectively wraps up before Grimm Fairy Tales #100, but we still have one issue to go for this one. The son of Zeus, Andre Payne has struggled to be a good person, instead being pulled into some unsavory acts with some unsavory people. Currently, he is fighting against the power of the gods as Venus has granted her power to a drug kingpin named Terrell Taylor and some of his thugs. Even though Payne and his newfound powers have fared well against these people, the information that Taylor has, video of Payne’s involvement in a shootout with the cops that ended in several deaths including Calvin Payne, Andre’s brother. Now a citywide manhunt is underway, as the press received the video and are blasting the story across the airwaves. Andre has instead taken to his powers and is working as a vigilante, cleaning up the city in any way he can. In a way, this is his effort to repay the crimes he has committed. after a run in with the police, Andre is confronted by more powered thugs of Taylor’s who fight Andre and kidnap Katrina to use against him. Now, Andre must face Taylor and Venus to save Katrina and put things right. My Rating: 4/5

A couple of great books this last week. Coming up, be sure to look for a passel of new number 1’s next week. Come back here next Monday for reviews of Warlord of Oz #3, Realm War #1, Grimm Tales of Terror #1, and the new Goddess, Inc. #1. Lots to look forward to in the coming week.

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