Just Another Zenescope Monday: September 15, 2014

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Beautiful art, awesome stories, and engaging powerful characters. That about sums up Zenescope Entertainment. These guys really know how to weave a wicked tale. That is why I created Just Another Zenescope Monday, or JAZM, to give you full reviews of every title they publish. If you are not buying them all, you should, but you can still come to JAZM and catch up on every storyline.

With the onset of the Realm War, the Dark Queen has merged all the realms onto Earth and now the Dark Horde is slowly conquering everything. This is a 12-issue series that will cover everything that happened in the one year jump that we experienced in Grimm Fairy Tales between issues #100 and #101. This week, the story continues.


Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales presents Goddess, Inc. #2 (of 5) – I think this is an interesting book, even though not my favorite among the Zenescope titles. Written by Latoya Morgan, we follow the gods and goddesses, specifically Venus, as they go about their seemingly peaceful new lives on Earth. Of course, Venus, as a fashion mogul, is trying to establish her own little empire where she can be worshiped as she once was. This is definitely a more sensual title, softer and more subtle tones to the story and art. But, for all the subtlety, the story still holds some good surprises and the bloody shocks that Zenescope is none for. Venus continues to try to align the 12 Olympians with her in order to take part in a festival that will return them all to their true powers and bring about a new age of gods and goddesses, but Zeus and others have plans to try to stop her. Jules comes to her investigating a murder and Venus shows her powers. Meanwhile, Ivy has been sent on a secret mission into the Underworld. As she navigates all the twists and turns and avoids the dangers, we have to wonder what, or who, has she been sent to retrieve? Pick this book up and read it to find out. A cool story, much better than the first issue. Enjoyable and makes me want to read on. I would say that this issue cuts right to the heart of the matter. My Rating: 4/5

Zenescope MondayGrimm Tales of Terror #3 – I like this series because each issue is a stand alone story, but there still feels like there is some continuity because our redheaded hostess. She appears in the beginning and the end, sort of kicking off and wrapping up the stories and sometimes dishing out just deserts to those who really need them. In this issue we go back to school. I like the intro and the setup as the young college student is approached by the lecherous professor who you just know if going to get pinned to his blackboard with a thousand ballpoint pens or something else equally bloody. Each story has a sort of theme to it, this one is about being a responsible student, right? Well, maybe not, as the party girl is the one who survives while the responsible girls who stay in to study ends up dead at the hands of a mysterious attacker. Could it be the creepy janitor looking guy who accosted her at the vending machines? Or some one even more insidious. Jump a head a few months and there is a new roommate. Another party and another night out… but will it end the same way? The ending will kill you. This is a fun gory kind of horror story that twists the typical tales of warning meted out to kids everywhere. Very good stuff. My Rating: 4.5/5

Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales presents Inferno: Rings of Hell #2 (of 3) – This series follows Lucifer, the rebellious step-daughter of the Dark Queen, and Mercy Dante, her right hand, as they fight for their lives against the Dark Horde. Last issue, as punishment, they were sent to the Inferno as punishment, a fitting end as the denizens resent Lucifer, under whose rule they used to suffer. Needless to say, they are in for a fight. As the team descends through the rings, they encounter various dangers, first in Limbo with a constant attack from monsters, then at a level designed like a carnival. At the carnival, naked human forms move about, being drawn in by the demonic carnies to play games and get on rides, all designed to punish and torture the individuals for the sins of their lives. The shift into a ring of gluttony where the snow and ice are the biggest danger, and they are forced to give in to the overlord of this world, seemingly being eaten by the giant worm creature. Watching from Inferno on Earth, the Dark Queen is ecstatic at the deaths, although a bit disappointed that it was not lengthier… and bloodier. The Dark One seems to have no stomach for this and just wants to get on with the conquering. Back in Hell, the portal to the next ring was inside the monster, so Lucifer and Mercy continue their descent. Battling through legions of beasts, lost souls, and angry demons, their battle seems futile, but the true realization and, I would say, the overarching story here is that as long as you have someone you will always have the will to survive and drive on. The bond between Mercy and Lucifer is strong and they will do anything for each other. This story is well written, but seems short with all the battles. I like the art and the relationships that we are seeing exposed here are a good foundation for future stories. My Rating: 4/5

Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales #102 – Sela Mathers, savior of the realms and now leader of a young new batch of Realm Knights, has her hands full with her estranged daughter Skye, who she really can’t relate to, and the group of very young Highborns that she has been presented with as the new protectors of the realms. Add to this two students who stole Alladin’s lamp and you have a recipe for disaster, or at least some crazy hijinks at Arcane Acres. So, of course, there is a genie loose in the school randomly granting wishes. The problem with wishes is that they are widely open to interpretation. as Skye wants to be wanted and Wulf dreams of being the most powerfu lof Realm Knights, the results of those wishes are sure to cause havoc. Ali, meanwhile, is racing around trying to find the lamp and the genie and clean this mess up. Ali had brought the lamp hoping to use his one wish to bring back his dead mother. The other wishes all feed off the individuals desire to be something they are not or are not yet. Finally, Ali sacrifices his own desires to bring an end to this evil and save the residents of the school. At the end, we get our first taste of Skye’s involvement in the evil that befell the realms. Looks like readers are in store for some great stories over the next year. My Rating: 4/5

Nice collection of stories this week. I hope you enjoyed this installment of Just Another Zenescope Monday. Be sure you share this article and on Twitter you can use #JAZM. See you next week.

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