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Just Another Zenescope Monday: September 22, 2014

Zenescope Monday

Every week my I sacrifice my eye sight, reading comic after comic in order to bring you reviews of everything that I can. With Just Another Zenescope Monday, or #JAZM on Twitter, you are hand delivered a review of every single comic book that Zenescope Entertainment publishes for that week. What more can I do for you? Free comics? Some sort of giveaway? I  have actually been told that this is possible. Stay tuned to #JAZM for more on this in the next week.

Truly great comics, a comprehensive universe covering a lot of the standard genres, and a twisting of fables and fairy tales into reality so that you really cannot make out the edges of either. That is what Zenescope Entertainment provides to you, the fans and the readers. A world that is at once both scary and wonderful, both fantastic and real. All around fun in easily digestible pieces every week.


Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland #3 – If you have been keeping up with the world, or reading my reviews, you will know that Calie Liddle has become the new White Queen of Wonderland and has the power to heal the madness that has gripped the realm for so long. As some of the Spades and other creatures have “stumbled” on a portal to Earth, Sela Mathers was notified that there was a problem. Her last experience with Wonderland was not a good one, so she comes in swords drawn ready for a fight. After a short scuffle, the recently rehabilitated Cheshire Cat threw a rabbit in Sela’s face and broke up the fight long enough for them to come to an understanding and now Sela is helping Calie cure all the pawns. Unfortunately, there is a darker game afoot. The Dark One has summoned the mad spades to him, searching for one in particular. In this issue, we learn that one of the spades, the Ace of Spades, was actually a Highborn prince that had the power to grant madness to people. He was bloodthirsty and went from palce to place killing and plundering. Finally, the Queen of Spades, as punishment, turned him into an obedient soldier, but still allowed him to wear his crown. Now, the Dark One has granted him more power than he had before. He is a loaded gun, cocked and aimed at the new White Queen. Will Wonderland slide back into madness? This has been a pretty good series. It is cool to see two powerhouses duke it out like Sela and Calie did in the first two issues. I also really like the flavor of Troy Brownfield’s writing and Luca Claretti’s artwork. A great combination on this book. My Rating: 4.5/5

Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #27 – As discussed above, Calie Liddle overcame the other Queens and became the new White Queen, protector of Wonderland. Her powers are able to heal the madness that has run rampant in this world and so she has traveled with the White Rabbit and recently reformed Cheshire to right the wrongs of the past queens. Now a little girl has gone missing and they have traveled into the dangerous jungle to find the Savage. The creature that lunges out of the unbrush at them is parts of several different creatures cobbled together. As Calie and Cheshire take it down, Calie notices that one of its hands is actually the Rabbit’s missing foot. They find the Rabbit hiding in a nearby hedge and Callie tells him that he better explain. Rabbit’s tale is simple, he was heading home to collect some things after the removal of the queens and was stopped and attacked in the forest by the Native, a being that seemed human but wore animal parts and strange wrappings. He lost his leg but ran until he was sure he was safe. the next part of this book is very interesting as we hear the tale of the Surgeon, a being of darkness who once troubled this small town. He was not always a bad man, and Diane, a little old lady who knew him, tells once of the boys about him. As daylight dawns on Wonderland, what does the jungle hold in store for Calie and her ragged band? I am enjoying this title, as it is an interesting look into a very different version of Calie Liddle. I like that she had come into her own, her powers are strong, and she no longer fears for her life. Great stuff and, as always, strong story and art. My Rating: 4/5

That’s it for this week. Tune in next time for some more great comics from Zenescope Entertainment. Remember, convention season is in full swing, so look out for those cool variant covers.

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