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Kali Yuga Kickstarter

This is a Comicbooked Kickstarter spotlight with a difference. The focus is on an interactive graphic novel called Kali Yuga which promises to push the boundary’s of how we read and perceive comic books. With comic books being closer to movie media than novels, a natural progression is to create an interactive comic book in which the reader can interact and even affect the story and art. As technology moves forward, creators are getting ever closer to creating a true interactive experience. Kali Yuga is one such project trying to achieve this. So now we know more about what makes this project different from most other comics, let’s look at what the actual story is about:

“The greatest stories are the journeys that travel within: KALI YUGA is a revolutionary INTERACTIVE DIGITAL GRAPHIC NOVEL that brings Indian mythology to global consciousness! The world is in chaos, wars ravage the planet and resources and psyche are under attack from mysterious forces. Indian mythology states that the final reincarnation of Vishnu (Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, etc) will ride a horse and vanquish life as we know it during the culmination of the KALI YUGA (Age of Demons). The end is merely the beginning, as KALI YUGA follows the journey of Amay Singh; a mild mannered and frustrated young adult pressured towards his destiny as the final Avatar of Vishnu. Based in New York City, KALI YUGA bridges the world of Gods/Demons into our current, tumultuous and uncertain world. Amay Singh has a choice to take the side of the Gods to save the world, or become one with the Demons as they usher in the “End of Days”

On the Kickstarter page there is a video pitch from the book creator Indy Rishi Singh, which you can also see below. The pitch is professional, confident and gives you all the information you need about both the story and what they are trying to achieve. There is some limited artwork on the site, but seeing as this is a visual medium, maybe more art previews will be added via updates. The rewards on offer range from $10 to $500 but you can donate from as little as $1.

It’s not too often that projects try to do something different and groundbreaking so if you are looking for a change from the normal, check out this Kickstarter.

+Adam Cheal

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