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Kevin Strieter Presents Primus Kickstarter

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I feel like any true indie comic fan has to be fan of Kickstarter.  The number of books that have been kick started is staggering to say the least and it’s given broke creators with a vision an outlet to panhandle for money in a civilized manner.  Kickstarter is the online equivalent to a street musician but in this case if you like the music you can be part of the recording process and get cool stuff for small donations.  It’s a win win for both the artist and the consumer.

Primus 1

I admit that crowd funding is a fickle beast, amazing projects don’t get funded while throw away ideas make their goal in a day, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.  I understand that many of us don’t think about perusing Kickstarter but that’s why I’m glad Comic Booked features some projects.  Some artists and creators need help and that is why we’re here, just having the Kickstarter isn’t enough we need to spread the word and get them some backers.

With that being said let’s talk a little bit about the project.  Primus is the brain child of Kevin Strieter a creator born and raised in Michigan and residing in Denver Colorado.  Strieter is the proud creator of four Kickstarter campaigns.  Strieter’s Kickstarter’s are all circled around a universe of his creation full of superheroes.  Headliners are the original book and Primus is based in this world.  Strieter is doing his best to create a new world of superheroes and build off of it.  Headliners can be found here but pledging five bucks or more includes Headliners with Primus in the reward packages.

Headliners 1

I feel like the rewards are standard and the fact that he is willing to throw in the original books that spawned the Primus off shoot is great.  Strieter is willing to give up a good amount of content to garner interest and that shows me that he has confidence in his work.  Primus first few pages is on display on the Kickstarter and there is an intensive history of Headliners and what is planned for the series as well as for off shoots like Primus.  Even if you can’t give money right now, give it a look anyway, and at least spread the word.  If we try we can fund every project on Kickstarter, we have the power, we just need to know it!


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