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Kibbles and Bits: Indiana Jones, Supergirl, and Ant-Man

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News Kibbles and Bits: A Comic Booked Quickie

We’re on it!

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently announced that they will be working on a new Indiana Jones film. That’s about where the “news” part of this ends.

Kibbles and Bits
Made it to another film!

Everyone speculated that this would happen, but this is the first confirmation that such a film is in deep consideration. We can only speculate now what this film will be like (prequel, sequel, or reboot). The point is this: Disney spent 4 billion dollars to acquire Lucasfilm and the properties associated therein. They definitely plan on getting the most out of this investment as they can. Whereas George Lucas’ own personal feelings always slowed down or stopped proposed projects under the Lucasfilm umbrella in the past, it seems clear that the Kennedy and her creative team are more eager to try things, and they don’t have to get the approval of one guy, legendary filmmaker or not.

However, Lucasfilm, as everyone knows, is a bit busy at the moment.

Supergirl has crossed the red tape: CBS has officially ordered a series. There’s been talk about this for a while, and comic boom fans have been a peak into the development process for the show, including a look at Melissa Benoist in costume as the titular character, but now it seems that thrusters are on full for this ambitious production. It’s unknown as yet when this will debut next season: will it be ready for the start of the season, or will fans have to wait for a mid-season premier. The series is set to be connected to both the CW’s Arrow and Flash series.

Below is a picture of Benoist in costume from behind the scenes, so it hasn’t been touched up later. Hope she can bring a commanding presence to the role.

Kibbles and Bits
Squint for the camera, Kara!

Lastly, Marvel has released the theatrical one-sheet for Ant-Man. Even for those that are eager to check this film out, this poster isn’t all that exciting. Yawn.

Kibbles and Bits
Ant-Man, but no ants here, and no originality!

I’m out.

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