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Kibbles & Bits: Genre Movie News


It’s not always  easy to stay ahead of of the curve when it comes to the influx of genre movie news, but we at Comic Booked feel the need to try anyway, because there’s a lot of interesting projects, fascinating rumors, and tantalizing tidbits of news that should get a mention.
Here are a few brief items of note:

Patrick Stewart to Star in Wolverine 3: This had been a rumor for some time, but after legendary actor Patrick Stewart at down with the reputable website Collider, he confirmed it: Professor X – his version of the character (the character is also played, as a younger man, by James McAvoy in next year’s X-Men: Apocalypse) – will play a significant role in the upcoming Wolverine film, set for release in March of 2017. The story, which will draw its inspiration from the Old Man Logan story-line form the comics, will be Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Logan. All of us here at comicbooked are definitely going to get on line for this one.

news bits
They will team up again

Tom Hardy To Take a Shot at 100 Bullets: The comic series 100 Bullets which began in 1999, will be brought to the screen with Hollywood star Tom Hardy serving as producer, and he may even star. The story concerns a man providing untraceable guns and ammunition to different people as well as the name of the individual that ruined their lives. News of this broke out after some changes were made at Warner Brothers with regard to producing comic book films under their banner. This project will fall under New Line Cinema, which, although owned by Warner Brothers, will be set apart from the more traditional comic book characters (Batman and Superman) that are being produced by Warner’s proper. New Line is also overseeing the adaptation of the Sandman comic book, which had star Joseph Gordon -Levitt attached.

Red to Go to Series: 2009’s Red and it’s 2013 sequel, were both big hits under the star power of Bruce Willis as well as a funny and exciting story. Now, that story, about and ex-CIA operative who recruits his old team – now civilians – to infiltrate the very organization that they once worked for, will be set in a more authentic world as it makes its transition to the small screen. The original comic book was published by DC imprint Homage.

Is Nolan Producing Akira?: Look for confirmation soon of rumors that Warner Brothers is bringing the legendary manga Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo, to the big screen as an epic trilogy. The latest buzz points to Christopher Nolan as being attached to be involved as director, or, possibly, just producer. There have been many attempts to adapt this as live-action, but none of the projects had come together. Let’s see if the master that brought us The Dark Knight can pull this out. Just maybe?

So, Does Craig Hate Playing Bond?:  With three films under his belt and a forth film to be unveiled next month, Daniel Craig has become the James Bond of this generation, bringing a welcome mixture of edginess and class to the role in a series that dials back much of the cheesier aspects of the character. Yet, rumors went flying that Craig hated playing Bond, after he was quoted that he’d rather “slash his wrists” than play Bond another time. So, we were asking ourselves the question “Who will play the next bond?

movie news bits
Craig as Bond

Don’t worry, Bond fans: sarcasm is hard to detect when reading comments on the internet, but his costar, Naomi Harris (who plays Eve Moneypenny) assures us that  it was indeed sarcasm, plain and simple. Just like his martinis.

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