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Kickstarter Korner: A Dark Forest

dark forest

dark forest

The only way to describe this new Kickstater A DARK FOREST is by telling you that it’s a little creepy , a little dark and no forest , yet…  After reading the short story I have mixed opinions . On one hand , the art is pretty great and original. On the other hand the story is for a lack of a better term … limited. The dialogue is brief and to the point . It has a little bit of edge, yet tries to remain very innocent. The beginning chapters are two or three sentence excerpts and try to give you a back story of the time and Era. The Art is very detailed however and the skill that was brought into this book has vast potential to grow and surpass some really great artists.  Kate-Mia White seems to have an enormous imagination and pretty impressive hand.

dark forestI dig the whole black and white vibe however it needs a touch of color to stand out. I get it , (it’s a gothic book) but the details get lost in it.  Getting back to the story line. It can have potential to exceed my excpectations. It needs to grasp your attention just a little longer otherwise you get lost in a sea of black and white . The second story looks like it will give a better understanding of the pagan lifestyle and more insight into the actual book . I really do like the way that is was setup though.  The Project is currently underway and the rest of the issues should be up by the end of July. Im curious to see what the feedback is going to be from the general readers and how they will respond to the old style gothic art. This is one of those books that you dont want to like but end up enjoying at the end. I just hope it lives up to its potential and takes off like The Walking Dead. I’m not saying that it will but we can always dream right ? I hope the book does well and catches its audience off guard when it starts to become super dark.


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