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Kickstarter Korner: Fractal #1- Waves In Tyranny


Indy comics are awesome and we here at Comic Booked love to do anything we can to support them and help them be successful. That is the main purpose of Kickstarter Korner. We pick some cool Kickstarter projects and tell you all about them. This week, we are talking about Fractal, a new series from Legend Universe. Their new project just launched and you can get in on the ground floor to support a new sci-fi/political/futuristic thriller.

Fractal #1 is the first in a 6-issue mini series. This first issue will be 32 pages of amazing art and intriguing story. At least, the story looks intriguing. I really love sci-fi stories and this one has all the components of something special. Government conspiracies, secret agents, hackers, underground rebellions, and all around interesting characters make Fractal a great comic series to support. We want to see this one come to fruition, so please support this project.

Check out this awesome art. This is what really sold me on the story. Many times, I can read the premise for a cool sci-fi story, but really not be swayed, and even turned off by, the robotic art or simplistic computer graphics. This stuff, though. All I can say is, WOW!

Fractal Fractal Fractal Fractal Fractal

As you can see, just some amazing art. I love the colors and lines and the features of the two main characters are just superb. I will definitely be support this project. I have to see how this story plays out. A corrupt world government that is hiding a huge secret. The secret agent and hacker that find out about it and fight to bring the truth to a world divided between the rich and the poor. What a fitting story for the way that so many people view our world now.

Now, not only is the art and story something worth supporting, but Fractal author, Dejuan Jacobs, and his team are offering some really cool bonuses for supporting them. You can check all of that out on their Kickstarter page.

Keep watching for an upcoming video interview with Dejuan Jacobs and we will find out more about Fractal. We will even be revealing the artwork for the covers. You can also check out the Fractal blog. Thanks for helping us support indy comics!

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