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Kickstarter Korner: Ghostbusters – The Board Game

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Kickstarter is a great way for people to get projects funded by the community without having to fight for favor with a larger company. Another awesome aspect of Kickstarter is that larger companies can run projects that gives them more freedom to interact directly with fans and add all ow the community to help decide what features they are willing to pay for in a project. That is exactly what Cryptozoic Entertainment is doing with their new project, Ghostbusters: The Board Game.

Play as your favorite Ghostbusters and battle our way to the bosses. There are some amazing sculpts for the figures, even Slimer and Staypuft Marshmallow Man. check out this image for a look inside the game.


Tell me that is not some cool stuff. I can’t wait to try this out. And, the best thing? This Kickstarter is already 100% funded with more than 20 days left to go. That’s right! If you jump in now, you are guaranteed the cool rewards and you will even get in on the stretch goals that will introduce additional bosses and characters to the game. If you are interested, Cryptozoic has also included some add-ons that will make your game experience even cooler.

With 10 double-sided board tiles, 40 ghost figures, and three powerful bosses, this game promises to be fun night of gaming for any group. Ghostbusters may be 30 years old, but this game looks like it will be fun for fans of any age. Check out their Kickstarter page and tell them that Comic Booked sent you.

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