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Kickstarter Korner: Hollow Girl

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Review of Hollow Girl (I Am No One)

hollow girlA new indy Kickstarter project, Hollow Girl (I Am No One) was created by Luke Cooper. There are only 11 days left to help out and get this book published.

The story is a great read and draws you into the world of Hollow Girl, giving you Glimpses into her past and how she became who she is, but at the same time leaving you wondering what becomes of Hollow Girl.

The Artwork is stylized to look almost photo realistic the changes expressed through Hollow Girl’s mask will draw you in to the world of the characters.

This book I do not recommend to anyone under the age of 13 for the Mature content in it but if you like a darker read and enjoy a good shoot-em up story with ghosts, check this out.

Overall the book is a compelling read. It is reminiscent of Frank Miller’s Sin City with it’s rich black and white panels that seem to read like you are watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie played out in graphic novel form. If you are looking for a great Indie book to read check out Hollow Girl (I Am No One).

I give this book a 4.5/5 overall.


Interview with Luke Cooper

We also had the opportunity to talk with series creator, Luke Cooper.

Comic Booked: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Comic Booked. One of the first questions that we have is why you chose to use Kickstarter to fund this project.

Luke Cooper: It was not my decision, but it does give us the chance to gauge the reaction people have to the project, what format they’d prefer for the book and so on. Even if the campaign fails, which is statistically likely, we will have a much better idea of the target audience and the work we need to do to get people to take a chance on an indie book by a relatively unknown creator.

CB: Kickstarter is a great platform and involving the fans can be a big plus for indy creators. We wish you good luck on this project. Next question, do the bad guys notice the changes in Kat’s mask or is that just for the reader?

LC: Kat’s mask designs are just for her. She doesn’t feel as though she has her own identity and so covers her face whenever she is ‘working’. The designs either mirror the person she is avenging or the villain she is pursuing. She wears four masks in this book. As a child, she subconsciously chooses the wolf mask to feel powerful and in control. The first hit in the book is against Chuckles. Maybe he notices that the mask is imitating his facial scars, but he is so narcissistic and twisted that he doesn’t see it as sinister. The final villain, Caliban, is more interested about what lies under the mask to notice the identical placements of the bullet holes. Detective Midwinter would almost certainly notice that Kat has burnt her mask for their meeting, but the reason for that will not be revealed until the sequel. Sorry.

CB: The challenge for many heroes is that fine line between being a hero or a villain. In this case, an anti-hero. So, what stops evil from taken control of Kat?

LC: If Kat was operating alone, it’s hard to say what she would do. By the end of the book, however, we discover that she is being directed. Also, it’s worth saying that the second book will expand on the origin story and challenge our perceptions about her original motivations.

CB: Wow, thanks again for your time and good luck with this interesting look project.

Be sure to check out the full Kickstarter here and support this great indy project.

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