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Kickstarter Korner: Lady Death – Chaos Rules #1

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Lady Death has always been a favorite character of mine. That was why I was so excited about the recent launch of a new Kickstarter project by Brian Pulido to fund the publishing of a new graphic novel, Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1.  This project just launched and is already well over the funding goal, so this is an awesome time to jump in and be guaranteed some of the amazing rewards for supporting such a cool project.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lady Death, I will do my best to give you a little background. This deadly lady first showed up as a supposed figment of the demented mind of Ernie Fairchild, a boy turned monster whose goal is to eradicate all human life and send souls to hell. Basically, Lady Death was once a woman called Hope who had to give up her own humanity in order to keep her mother’s soul from going to Hell. Now, Brian Pulido, for the first time in 12 years, is going to publish a new Lady Death comic and needs your help. You can take a look here for more info on Lady Death.

All you have to do is click over to his Kickstarter project and pledge. The thing is already more than 200% of its funding, so you are guaranteed the awesome rewards for throwing your money into it. And there are some really amazing things that you can get for being a supporter. Everything from special editions of Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 to getting your head painted into the cover to receiving a one-of-a-kind special edition with a real 1 carat diamond set in it. Wow. Check it out and see why Lady Death is such a great comic even 20 years after her creation and support an awesome creator at the same time.

Lady death

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