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Kickstarter Profile: JC Alvarez – “Hyper Heroes”

Welcome To Hyper Heroes

In the writing and publishing industry – in fact, in ANY industry – there needs to be a passion that drives what you do, what results your passion produces. Some have even extended that passion through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a fantastic means to promote your passion and get help with self-publishing your work, but it is evident that you need to display your passion and let others sample your wares if you want the project to be extremely successful. Many success stories have originated from Kickstarter – including some from some fairly big comic book names – and there is always no shortage of amazing emerging talent as well. One of those emerging talents I have had the opportunity to discover is that of JC Alvarez with his up and coming Hyper Heroes comic book series.

There is a specific concept that immediately had me hooked with the story of Hyper Heroes.

[box_light]Hyper Heroes is the story of a normal kid struggling with high school grades, social typecasting, bully attacks, unrequited love — and the fact that his four best friends have suddenly acquired hyper-powers.[/box_light]

I feel that this statement has really defined what Hyper Heroes is. When asked to elaborate a little more on the concept, JC stated that it is about sending a message to kids that although you may be struggling through school and life, you can use your greatest strengths to create the hero within you. And I think that sends a very strong message to today’s youth.Hyper Heroes

The greatest piece of the story pertains to the very interactive environment instilled within. Fans and backers alike get the opportunity to create their own Hyper Hero through a form on their main website and the writers and artists will put them directly within the story or setting. He does admit that some pieces are limited spots, but they are working to make sure that everyone gets some sort of piece in the series. This allows all of the participants to be immortalized within the series thanks to the creators of Hyper Heroes. With its light-hearted, fun and comedic settings and interactions, there is a feeling of being a Disney-ish endeavor; however, JC and his team take it a step beyond to create the very interactive environment that makes you feel like you can literally reach out and touch the other characters and settings alike around you. The greatest feat – The reader is the protagonist and main character. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

JC Alvarez has been creating superhero comic books and even Hyper Heroes comic books since the age of 6 years old. Over the last 30 years, he has written several scripts of his own allowing him to really understand the art of storytelling to create worlds such as we can see in Hyper Heroes and their origins. With each turn of the page, that talent and knowledge brings you in further and further into the story leaving you wanting more.

So why should you become a backer for a project you don’t know much about at all?



This time, the main characters in the story will be you. This means whoever helps me kick this project off, gets to SOMEHOW become part of the Hyper Heroes universe; in fact, some of you WILL join the main cast of the ongoing series and become immortalized as hyper heroes forever!

…Because, after all, that’s what the series is about.



For more information on Hyper Heroes, check out the website at but don’t forget to also take part in the Kickstarter campaign to fund this title!

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Sounds like a good concept. Hopefully (through the help of Kickstarter) this can get off the ground and into comic shops soon. I'd certainly take a look at it.

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