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Kickstarter Spotlight – AKA: One in the Chamber


Kickstarter has become a lightning rod for innovative comic projects– and so much more. There are currently exciting Kickstarter campaigns in full swing for projects like LUST from Steve Niles, Ben Templemith, Menton3, and the 44FLOOD crew. Another project that is sure to raise some eyebrows is the Kickstarter to finally bring Eric Powell’s The Goon to the big screen. But what happens when your awesome indie comic project gets lost in the tsunami of mainstream superhero titles? Is there a way to turn the tide with Kickstarter?

That is exactly what the creators of AKA: One in the Chamber are trying to do. AKA is a 128-page graphic novel, created by Rob Reilly and Steven Walters. AKA is certain to appeal to fans of vintage grindhouse and exploitation films, as well as people who simply enjoy reading excellent comics.

Despite running a successful initial Kickstarter campaign to pay the colorist and letterer of AKA: One in the Chamber, this title still needs a little help to really get the word out. This is where the current Kickstarter campaign comes into play. Not content to watch the graphic novel they worked so hard to produce drown in the sea of mainstream superhero comic, the creators want to produce 10,000 promotional comics to be given away at local comic shops around the nation to raise awareness of AKA. Here’s their Kickstarter video pitch.

This is a fairly innovative use of Kickstarter, and as a person who supports indie and creator-owned comics, one I fully approve of and decided to dedicate some coverage. However, time is running out to make this Kickstarter a success. As I write this article only 10 days remain on the campaign (which is just under halfway funded at this point).

There are some cool rewards lined up for people who choose to support this campaign. Talented artists such as Michael Oeming (The Victories, The Mice Templar, Thor), Taki Soma (Rapture), and Mike Hawthorne (G.I. Joe, Conan, Queen and Country) have created some sweet AKA variant covers to reward backers of this project. Other rewards include: autographed AKA swag, “movie” posters, trading cards, t-shirts, and all kinds of other goodness.

AKA: One in the Chamber comic movie poster

You can tell from the modest funding target of this Kickstarter campaign that these creators have set an honest goal to do exactly what they claim—produce FREE comics to help spread the word about AKA. It is hard to find an objection when the goal includes FREE comics and helping an excellent indie comic find the audience it deserves. So please consider helping AKA: One in the Chamber to meet (or exceed) its funding goal and become a success. Even if you can’t donate, sharing this Kickstarter campaign and helping to spread the word can make a massive impact. Let’s help AKA: One in the Chamber out in any way we can. Be sure to check out the official AKA: One in the Chamber Kickstarter page for complete details. Support indie comics!


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