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Kickstarter Spotlight: Control

Control comic book cover

By now I’m sure you have heard of Kickstarter. If you haven’t I will let you know it is one of the best ways to crowd source an independent comic book.  Back in the early 2000’s this wouldn’t even be possible.  Kickstarter has helped many great unknown creators bring their work to the masses.  It has become one of the biggest ways many indie creators release creator owned comic books.

This Kickstarter Spotlight is on CONTROLControl is a new comic book series trying to be born right here on Kickstarter.  Here is a quick synopsis to Control: [quote]Control is a science fiction thriller set in a world of government conspiracies, extra-terrestrial phenomena and post human development. [/quote] Control is brought to us by David Crispino and Matt Heuston.  These two guys are unknown to the masses but are quite talented.  Based out of Baltimore, MD these two men have decided to put this series out via Kickstarter.  Who doesn’t love some science fiction and government conspiracies?!  I for one do!

Control comic panel

I was lucky enough to check out the ash can preview to Control on FCBD at Collectors Corner in Maryland.  It was a nice intro to the story.  We dive into a world where there are many questions and not a whole lot of answers.  Matt Heuston’s line work is crisp and clean.  He really brings a sense of this sci-fi world they are trying to create.  I enjoyed the artwork at first glance and now they have shown some color pages from Control and they look damn good.  Now I can’t leave out David Crispino’s story telling.  He brings us into the world of the main character John who is pumped full of meds and doesn’t know where or what is going on.  He brings us deeper into the rabbit hole and keeps going and going.  It seems like this comic has some great potential.  I got a little taste of it from the ash can preview but it did the job.  I WANT MORE!!!

Now I would be foolish not to mention something you don’t see every day from some unknown creators on Kickstarter.  They got Riley Rossmo to do an exclusive Kickstarter cover.  Riley Rossmo has worked on some of the great titles on Image Comics and other comic book publishers.  You might have seen his work on Green Wake or just recently on Bedlam both out on Image Comics.  His exclusive cover is one other reason you should donate to this project.  I would say it is the cherry on top.

Here is the exclusive Riley Rossmo cover for ControlControl cover by Riley Rossmo

As you can tell I do think this comic book series Control can be something fun to read.  I enjoy seeing new and original comic book series and Kickstarter is one of the best places for these stories to be born.  So I urge you to check out Control on Kickstarter.  Also you can check them out on Facebook.

So open another browser window and check out Control on Kickstarter! 

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