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Kickstarter Spotlight – The Cursed and The Damned

cursed cover page

I don’t usually back many projects on Kickstarter. To tell you the truth some of them aren’t worth my time, so when I go out of my way to support something it has to seem worthwhile to me. N.A.S. Studios is an up and coming comic company and they’re hitting the fans with a powerhouse of an idea – “Zombies vs Werewolves.” It’s an idea so great I can’t believe there hasn’t been a movie about this yet. The book is called The Cursed and the Damned, is written by Luis M. Cruz, and based on a story by David Sandoval (creator & publisher). Here’s a little summary of what the series is about:

When the Dead Walk the earth, it is said that the end of days is near. What has never been mentioned before, is that humanity will be at the bottom of the food chain…

The Cursed and The Damned is a story about Werewolves taking on the horrific result of playing God. As the Werewolves come together they bring about a war where no Zombie or Human is Safe. Can they fix what they started or watch as humans become prey and the real enemy watches from the shadows?

Here’s what creator, David Sandoval has to say about why you should back this project:

The Cursed and the Damned is a project that has been fully written and illustrated. All that is needed to complete the project is coloring and lettering.  We’ve worked hard enough to keep risk low and get this project done fast for everyone to enjoy.  If any issue may arise in printing or distribution I’ll be posting comments to notify everyone on delays. We are confident and ready to get this project printed and in everyone’s hands.”
The Cursed and the Damned was a Project / Story David Sandoval always wanted to tell but never had the time to get it into full gear. Sandoval wrote the first issue synopsis and sat on it for a few months before picking it up again and getting a team together to finally get this story told!


On a personal note, the artist on the book is Francesco Iaquinta. I’ve been a fan of his work for years. So much so that we have now worked on three different projects together. He did a short story for my Dream Reavers anthology and full art on my upcoming mini-series, Super Egos and Chrono-NUTS!.  I expect big things in the future for this artist, so if you support this work it just might be a great collectors item.  This is one of Francesco’s first American works. He’s one of the most professional guys around I can only hope for great things for him and his team. Here’s some of Francesco’s art on the book. 

They’re offering some sweet stuff when you pledge. Check it out and find out more about my friends at N.A.S. Studios and their fundraising effort here.

cursed and the damn pageA kickstarter to back?














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