Kickstarter Spotlight: Dominion’s Light

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Dominion’s Light is a full color graphic novel from creator Brandon Easton, who may be best known for his work on the new Thundercats and Transformers animated series’. This is Brandon’s second graphic novel, the first being Shadowlaw. This new GN is a fantasy and science fiction hybrid with influences from major established franchises fused together to create a brand new, original world and concept. What Brandon wanted to do with this book was to tell a new and engaging story that was not derived from old Eastern European folk law, which a more modern and diverse audience could relate to rather than just read.

The theme of the story centers around three young people united by tragedy. The story contains adventure, excitement, friendship, and sacrifice. There is an extremely polished and informative pitch video on the Kickstarter page featuring Brandon Easton describing his story as follows:

“Our story begins as the nations of Graid’yan are healing from the last great global conflict between the Lizardman kingdom and the race of warrior-sorcerers of Cerist Lunisia in the North. The war ended in a stalemate with both sides retreating to their respective lands and leaving the rest of the world in ruin.

The combatants were in search of the mystical power source known as the Cyclean Bible – a power so great that it can bend the nature of space, time, and reality, allowing the user to reshape the universe in their own image. Unbeknownst to the majority of people in Graid’yan, the only way to access the Cyclean Bible is through the use of the Key Ultima – a device that reveals the true location of the Bible and the only thing in the universe that can unlock those energies.

Lord Valgon and his ruthless forces, the Valgonath Reapers, are scouring the world searching for the Key Ultima at the same time Resoloth goes on a quest to help his wayward father. After a deadly confrontation, Resoloth is on the run from the Reapers and comes into contact with the recently exiled Hammerius Rex and Kyshia, a teen girl condemned as a witch.

Can these three overcome their differences and survive the upcoming onslaught? Or is destiny playing a role in uniting such disparate creatures?

Dominion’s Light will be a journey unlike any other you’ve seen before. From the windswept prairies of Neristad to the Las Vegas inspired party islands of Neyoneem to the lush Lizardman kingdom of Millsrex to the strange, frigid wasteland of Terist Malhavik to the final battle on the shores of Grayhold.

The goal of $20,000 dollars may seem high, but every penny is essential to bring this spectacle to life in dramatic, cinematic, and high-quality detail. The rewards on offer are really interesting, and you can pledge from $10 all the way up to $2500. Every pledge includes a copy (either digital or hard copy) of Brandon’s first book Shadowlaw so you can jump straight into Eastonverse.

Now doesn’t that sound like something you want to be a part of? You can visit the Kickstarter page here for all the info and to pledge now. Dominion’s Light Kickstarter Page
+Adam Cheal

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