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Kickstarter Spotlight: Fist of Justice Volume

Fist of Justice

Everyone loves a good superhero story. You know the ones. An upstanding super guy who fights for right and justice and defends the city from constant assaults by evil villains. But what happens when, at a pivotal moment in that superhero’s life, his story is cut short? That’s where Kickstarter comes in.

Fist of JusticeMike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire created a very cool character who is Fist of Justice. You may know them from their series of five print issues previously released, with issue #5 published in July 2009. Or it could be that you saw Fist of Justice in five issues of Digital Webbing Presents. Also, Ed Dukeshire may be a familiar name as he was voted Best Letterer in our 2013 awards article for his work at BOOM! Studios. So, when I was approached by both Mike and Ed separately, I knew I had to cover this new campaign to get their trade paperback of issues #1 – #5 and the new #6 out to you, the readers and fans.

The ongoing story of Fist of Justice has Marc Mason, who in secret is Fist of Justice, working with the magical being Mistyk. Their partnership includes Mistyk transporting Fist to other timelines where he helps out alternate versions of himself and saves the day. Fist of Justice #5 has a very different story as Mistyk has inadvertently destroyed or erased another timeline’s Fist of Justice, so he now has to be replaced instead of just aided. Fist is transported to a cartoonish version of his own world where he has to face the evil Mr. Promise. Luckily he has friends to come to his aid, Fist of Justice Lad, a robot who thinks he is a real boy, and F.I.S.T., a robot whose acronym stands for Flying Informational and Support Thing.

Fist of JusticeAfter Fist saves the day again, defeating Mr. Promise with a swift fist… of justice, he is popped back into a difficult situation with a Mr. Edison Maximillan, an eccentric old man who is rich enough to have learned that Fist of Justice is secretly Marc Mason. He offers Fist the chance to bring a mutual acquaintance to justice, Doctor Dibuk, the evil villain who killed Marc’s girlfriend and then made him forget who he was for 30 years. I can imagine he really doesn’t like the guy. Still questioning Maximillan’s motives, Fist decides to think it over only to have an “old flame” return to attack Maximillan’s car as it is leaving. That old flame is not someone Fist had a relationship with but the flame powered villain Blaze!

We need more story! What happens? Will Fist of Justice defeat Blaze and save Maximillan? Does Maximillan have a plan that will work to defeat the evil Doctor Dibuk? So many questions and the only way to answer them is to get this Kickstarter project funded. Check out Ed and Mike’s Kickstarter and watch the video showing a quick flashback over Fist’s life. This project only has 15 days left, so jump on and help. For helping them out on this you can get everything from digital copies of the trade paperback for issues #1 – #5 and issue #6 to t-shirts and signed prints. There is even the option of being written into the comic for one male and one female character. That is awesome and I wish I had $500 to lay down for that. Check it out and help these guys continue to get a great comic out into the world.

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