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Kickstarter Spotlight – Game On: The Respawn Anthology


‘Game On: The Respawn’ is a comic book anthology featuring 14 unique comic stories that revolve around the theme of “rebirth.”  The 14 artists represented in the book vary widely in their styles, from traditional to digital, American, Manga, and European-style comics.

The stories are complete; the pages are inked; and now, we’re turning to Kickstarter to help us publish ‘Game On’.


That’s a quote taken from the creator’s Tumblr blog.  I’m all about helping young new talent in this industry.    I can’t think of a better Kickstarter campaign to back than this.  In fact, this one has become a success so fast it already reached it’s main goal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t raise their goal levels.    These guys are offering some great incentives for their Kickstarter project.  Click on this link right here.

Check out a sample of some of the great and diverse art in the book below.

Dane Cypel


Dane Cypel is a rising talent.   His photo realistic style and dynamic storytelling is a talent to watch out for.   He recently worked on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, BECOMING, from writer Brooke Burgess.  His talent surprised me so much that I hired him to work on my upcoming graphic novel, TECHNO-MANCER, too.


Just to show you the different range of artists on this book, look at this piece of artwork from artist, Angael Davis.

_Anael Davis art


Help support this fantastic project.    These guys are the future of the comics industry.   Get to know tomorrows comic superstars today.    For all the comic lovers that are feeling the glut of superheroes every week this would be a great comic project to cleanse your comic reading diet.   Check out the Kickstarter here to find out more about all the different creators and stories involved in this epic anthology.  This is a Kickstarter worth pledging.

Follow their blog

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter



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