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Kickstarter Spotlight – Project: Shadows

Project Shadows Alfred Trujillo

After a couple of years in the comic book industry perfecting his craft, creator Alfred Trujillo is now ready to make  his life long dream a reality with Project: Shadows.

Hailing from a southern state in Mexico(a place of which Alfred says many can’t  pronounce) Alfred has always been fascinated with comic books. So much so that now he has turned his passion into a career – having dropped his day job in favor of opening a comic studio with his first creator owned comic.

So enough with the backstory. What is Project: Shadows?

It’s the year 2050. The world is in peril. And in the midst of all the death and destruction is Samantha, a young woman who’s been granted incredible powers. On the run for most of her life, Samantha must take a stand. Will she choose to fight against the government who wants to use her gift that she never wanted, or will she continue to journey through the wasteland? Oh, and did I mention that the fate of the remnants of human kind is at stake?

Check out a little preview of the stunnig art below:

Project Shadows

Project: ShadowsProject: Shadows Project: Shadows

As you know, creating a comic is pretty expensive. So Alfred has done like many in his shoes and turned to Kickstarter for that much needed support. There’s only 50 hours left folks (Until March 10) so make sure you hurry and check it out! And help!

Here’s the link to his page with more details on Project: Shadows as well as some pretty sweet rewards.

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Wow… This one looks pretty cool.

The art and coloring look amazing. Gonna go check out the kickstarter soon!

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