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Kickstarter Spotlight: Prymal – The Jungle Girl


Every once in a while a comic comes along that just looks awesome and makes you want to read it. That is the way I felt about the preview pages I got for this cool new Kickstarter project, Prymal: The Jungle Girl, from Marcelo Bravo and Eric Alan Nelson and to be published by Maelstrom Media. The cool thing is they have already met their initial goal, and even their first stretch goal, so you have to check this out.

I have always been a big fan of strong female characters. Anymore, it seems like there just aren’t that many in the big publisher’s line ups. Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Red Sonja… there are others, but the list is still pretty short. I am always happy to see a new entrant that is not just some flaky sexpot flopping her business around to get views and boost sales. Of course, there is nothing with a little business-flopping if it still has a solid story and some great action.

PrymalThe plot of this comic is that there is a woman, a jungle girl, raised by an ancient mystical people. This girl, Silvia Felidae, is raised to be the protector of the Amazon and its indigenous peoples. She has some pretty interesting abilities, like the ability to use the powers of any jungle animal as well as communicate with them. These include heightened strength, agility, and other senses like the sight of the eagle or patience of the panther.

Silvia is hunting a drug lord, Alessandro Barbossa, at his compound in the Amazon. Her silent attacks to reduce his defenses are a good illustration of her powers and her motivation to get the job done. In this series she will have to deal with The Huntsmen, a group of super-powered mercenaries employed by Barbossa. This should be an interesting and action packed battle. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The artwork is awesome in this comic. I love the lines and the colors. The action sequences are very well laid out. I would even go so far as to compare the art to early Todd McFarlane Spider-Man stuff. There is some real talent here and I look forward to seeing the finished products.

PrymalCheck out the Kickstarter campaign for Prymal and read about the great art, awesome story, and the plethora of amazing extras that you can get for supporting this project. I really like the preview pages I have seen and think that Prymal: The Jungle Girl has a Sheena meets The Punisher vibe to it. If you are a fan of these characters , or something like Daredevil, martial arts characters, or even Batman, you should definitely try Prymal: The Jungle Girl.

A big thanks to Eric Alan Nelson for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to review the first six pages. I hope that all of you readers check out their Kickstarter and decide to help them out or at least pick up their comic when it hits a comic shop near you.

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