Kickstarter Spotlight: Robots vs Princesses


Mashups can be a lot of fun. The crazier the better! Lately, we have seen robots fighting zombies, robots fighting giant monsters, vampires fighting werewolves, werewolves fighting zombies, vampires fighting werewolves fighting zombies… You get the picture. But, this new Kickstarter is a mashup beyond mashups!


That’s right! Creator Todd Matthy took some time to talk with Two Comic Booked Dudes about this amazing project and you can see the interview right here:

This looks like a really fun project with a deep and meaningful story… PLUS, there are giant robots fighting princesses! What could be better? Maybe if those robots and princesses teamed up to fight some big bad guy robots? YEAH!

Written and created by Todd Matthy and with amazing art from Nicolas Chapuis, Robots vs Princesses promise more than just tea parties and tantrums broken up by the occasionally massive monster robot melee. There is a real story here about finding your true place in a divided world, about working together to overcome the odds, and about being more than what people tell you that you should be.

Check out some cool art from this project. A sneak peek at the first four pages of Issue #1.


I just can’t get enough of this great art.


With 2 weeks left to go, this project needs your help. Chip in and make this cool project a reality and get some really great rewards. Rewards like an awesome variant cover by super artist Rod Espinosa!

robotsI recommend this Kickstarter to anyone who loves swords and sorcery, princesses, action, adventure, and giant robots. This is a mashup that we have never really seen before, it is great for all ages, and it really needs to happen. GO SUPPORT!

Hop on this Kickstarter right HERE!

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