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Kickstarter Spotlight – Sara Rising

Sara Rising model sheet

I met the creators of Sara Rising at the New York Comic Con last year.   At that point they didn’t have a finished book yet, but were busy promoting the upcoming book with a preview book.   These were two very cool creators and we quickly got along.   I grabbed myself a copy of their preview book and quickly fell in love with the book.      The art on the comic was by a fantastic artist named James Rodriguez and the story was written by Emilio Rodriguez.   Yes, I asked the same question you’re thinking, “Are you two guys brothers?”    They weren’t of course, but that was the first thing I thought.   I’m sure they get that question all the time, in fact they even mention it in their Kickstarter video.   Which brings me to the main point of this article.   James and Emilio are coming to the New York Comic Con this year and they need your help.

issue 1 page

James and Emilio are launching a new Kickstarter campaign for their new book, Sara Rising.   The comic series is about a powerful intergalactic weapon that falls into the hands of a young girl.   She then has to battle evil alien bounty hunters from across the stars while trying to learn how to harness the full power of this new weapon.   Seeing these two Latino creators trying to launch this epic expansive 100 issue series is inspiring.   It’s a bold prospect and I admire their dedication.  We need more diversity in comic characters as well as comic creators.   I know many Latino artists, but I know very few Latino writers.    Not only does their new comic story have the scope and action of Star Wars, but it also features a main character that’s a teenage Latina girl.    She’s a great role model in an industry filled with slutty stripper heroines.     This is a cool comic character you can give your daughter to read and not feel any trepidation about it.


Hear it from their own words themselves.   This is a direct quote from their Kickstarter.

James and I teamed together because we found we were burning to tell some special stories.  The story of Sara Vargas is one of many we have in the pipeline and is the one that is the subject of this Kickstarter campaign.  We intend for the book to be an ongoing series.  There is a definite end to the story but we are unsure as to exactly how many issues it will take to get there.  The first issue, a 40 pager, is practically finished (all that remains is 5 pages that need to be inked and colored) and we will be debuting an ashcan of the second issue at the NY Comic Con in October.  Proceeds from the campaign will cover printing and production costs of the first and second issues, costs of attending the NY Comic Con, marketing costs, and commission costs for some of the rewards we are offering.  We have some high-powered artists on hand ready to contribute to the campaign and, like everyone else, even though they are nice guys, they need to be compensated.  It’s hard work but we think it’s well worth it, as our goal is for people to want to come in and experience, enjoy and share in these worlds we’ve created.

Sara Rising page 2

Kickstarter is a great way for up and coming creators to make their dreams some to life.    Making a comic is very expensive, especially for indie creators.   Printing and Comic Con tables can cause your production costs to skyrocket.      This is a very worthy Kickstarter.    Please try and help these guys make their dream project come true.    They have some great incentives.   You can actually become a part of the comic if you pledge enough.    There’s only a few weeks left, so you can still be a part of this series from the ground up.


Check out their Kickstarter at this link.

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