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Kickstarter Spotlight- Shawn Alleyne’s Aizan

black aizan

Rebel. Anarchrist. Superhero. Savior. “Aizan” is the original hip hop sci-fi ninja hero. Shawn Alleyne is one of the hardest working indie artists I know.  You’ll find him in Artist Alley at almost convention on the East Coast. After years of doing other people’s books, he’s finally ready to burst out with Aizan, a creator owned comic of his own. He recently started a new kickstarter to help fund this project. Here’s a brief description of what Shawn himself has to say about Aizan.

 Aizan is my creator owned property that tells the story of a young woman by the name of Hela St.August, a passionate artist and graffiti activist who lives in a world where as a result of a super-powered war, her city is left devastated. Angry, bitter and rebellious to start with, Hela’s life slips into disarray, and with the new emerging superhuman and vigilante community, she begins to feel disgusted by people with powers and views the superhuman community as parasites. Her life turns even more topsy-turvy when she not only discovers that SHE has powers but that she is also heir to a superhero legacy. Themes of story: Truth; Heritage; Legacy; Life and Death; Religion; Anarchy; Capitalism Elements of story: Hip-hop; Sci-fi; Martial Arts; Par-kour; Graffiti; Superheroes

Aizan sketches

 Here is what Shawn will do with all the money from the Kickstarter. There are a ton of great rewards, so please do what you can help him achieve his goal.

The plan is to print a specially formatted 64 page over-sized, in depth sketch/comic book, that ties in to the DATE it will be published: December 12th, 2012 (12/12/12). There will be a 12 page original sequential story; a 12 page pin-up section featuring art by 12 amazing guest artists; a 12 page sketch section; a 12 page universe guide section; and a 12 page behind the scenes production section(see the pattern?). All of this will pave the way for the launch of the full Aizan comic planned for next year. Your support will go towards the printing of Aizan’s debut publication, plus the cool backer rewards and their shipping costs. Any amount over the goal will be used to enhance the Aizan Demo book and print extra copies. No donation is too small. And even if you can’t donate, spread the word as much as you can, cause remember, if the monetary goal isn’t reached, the project doesn’t get funded. 


You can find out more about the Aizan Kickstarter here.

UPDATE: In just five days, Shawn has already reached over 90% of his goal. This is a great success, but it can still be a greater one. So check out the project and take a look at the rewards he’s offering. Even if you can’t afford a donation, share the link. Every little bit helps!

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