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Kickstarter Spotlight- The Squidder by 44Flood

The Squidder by Ben Templesmith

44Flood is back to Kickstarter.  Now you may know 44Flood from their previous successful Kickstarters for Tome 1-2 and Lust.  Now they are bringing us an original graphic novel from Ben Templesmith.   Ben Templesmith is a well-known artist from book like 30 Days of Night, Fell, Ten Grand, Lust and Tome.  He has a dark and beautiful style to all his work.  So now he is bringing us The Squidder which will be a 108 page graphic novel.  They just launched the Kickstarter for this project with some awesome looking rewards from prints, t-shirts, iPhone cases to the Hardcover novel.  These are some great deals for one beautiful dark twisted novel.  I for one will be backing this and you should too!

This Kickstarter has already been funded in just ONE DAY!!!  That doesn’t mean you still can’t get some of these awesome rewards.  Check out 44Flood and The Squidder and bow to the squid!

Here is the official PR for The Squidder:

THE SQUIDDER is an original graphic novel about an old soldier from a forgotten war in a post-apocalyptic world that has left him behind. The book promises heavy horror, fantasy, and Lovecraftian elements, as well as black humor.

THE SQUIDDER will be a limited run 8.5×12″ 108 page hardcover graphic novel written and drawn by Ben Templesmith, New York Times best selling comic book artist (creator/co-creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT with Steve Niles, FELL with Warren Ellis, WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE, and WELCOME TO HOXFORD) in his first new creator-owned traditional comic in five years!

The Squidder print

We’ll also be offering a special limited collectible KRAKEN edition of THE SQUIDDER that will have the hardcover book housed in a beautiful slipcase that features exclusive art with an embossed, numbered, and signed plate included in the book.

In the vein of Mad Max meets Cthulhu, THE SQUIDDER will explore themes of a changing world, propaganda, and the nature of control via the main character. We’ll follow this journey of unfinished business through a world now alien and destroyed by a war which humanity lost generations ago against the almighty squid.


Here is a teaser video for The Squidder:

Check out The Squidder on Kickstarter HERE

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