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Kickstarter Spotlight: Unit 5

Unit 5 #1 - Cover

There’s been a lot of hype over some amazing comics coming out via a Kickstarter campaign. I recently contributed to one from DC writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray called Sex & Violence, and I’ve mentioned my review of that book here on Comic Booked. This time, I’m doing something in reverse. I reviewed the first issue of Unit 5 back in January and I was fairly honest with my thoughts. I also stated why I thought certain things, and the creators of the book and I have had a few discussions and I’ve been privileged enough to get a taste of what we can expect from the subsequent issues.

Speaking of those subsequent issues… They are not yet out. Why not? Well, these guys want to deliver the best product that they can. I’ve seen some sample art from issue #2, and I can honestly say that it has increased dramatically from the first issue to the samples I saw. But like all independent books, there are a few factors that require the move to a Kickstarter campaign in order to make the magic happen. And make no mistake – I feel that there is definitely magic here.

I’m not going to rehash what Unit 5 is all about – I think the guys who made it can do that much better than I. So, to see what they have to say, take a look at their Kickstarter video:

You can see that I’m not the only one excited about this. Unit 5 has been featured on the FanboysInc podcast as well as on several SModcast episodes of “I Sell Comics” which is managed by Mike and Ming (whom many may recognize from Comic Booked Men on AMC).

But really, why do I think that a comic reader should care about this book? It’s quite simple.

  • The story is captivating. There are very few stories that originated out of the tragedy of 9/11 but that comes to the heart of this series. We have characters who were impacted by the attacks and have made it a personal mission to fight against terrorism. It’s a great message and, even though we have seen a number of terrorism-related TV series, the comic book realm has shied away from it. This being an independent title with an extremely passionate creative team, we have characters who we only get a tease of in the first issue but who are more than just 2-dimensional characters.
  • The art is intriguing. As I mentioned in my original review, I can see a number of inspirations and styles used and it’s great to see how those styles mix and mix well. I mentioned earlier that I had seen some early pics of what to expect in issue 2, and I can say that Robson has been working and is finely crafting his art. It’s becoming something that can mesh several styles into a new look that truly works and complements one another. It’s a pleasure to look at.
  • It’s fun. It’s that simple. I have continually said that it reminds me of those TV shows from the 80s where the vehicle was another part of the character. Remember Knight Rider? Michael had KITT. In The A-Team we had B.A. with his van but also Murdock with every aircraft out there. He was a flying savant! Let’s not forget the cartoons of the era, too – MASK, where every character had their own vehicle which transformed into something else. These were the times when many of us were truly innocent, before the harshness of the world was placed in front of us. Unit 5 has taken the ability to blend the innocence with todayès reality and show us that heroes still exist.

So there you have it. My thoughts on this Kickstarter. It is definitely worth a look and in my opinion it is definitely worth your contribution. These guys are doing this to get the book out there, produce and create the remaining issues, as well as to get the book available so others can see what a great title this is. They aren’t out to make millions (although I don’t think they’d turn down the opportunity) but simply to deliver something that they are this passionate about. It’s definitely a treat to see creators THIS passionate, and I say that both from the intro video as well as from talking to them on several occasions. Give them a look. Give them your consideration. And if you like what you say, help to make this happen.

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