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Kickstarter Spotlight – Urban Myth

Urban Myth graphic novel Kickstarter

Lately it seems Kickstarter has been rising the totem of popularity amongst indie comic creators and fans alike. I don’t know about you, but there are two things I love seeing from this thriving industry: creators finding fresh outlets to push their masterpieces out to the world (with the help from a strong and loyal community of course) and creators that take a timeless idea and make it heavily readable.

That being said, you’re going to want to support this awesome Kickstarter project, this weeks Kickstarter Spotlight. Urban Myth is a graphic novel that will consist of 75 pages from a group of artists who’s goal is to offer an unique spin on classic mythology. Here’s their Kickstarter video pitch.

Urban Myth is truly a labor of love that is as diverse and unique as the very world we live in. Let me tell you folks, if the premise of each story doesn’t draw you in then the art certainly will. Seriously, any title with industry great Eric Battle (JLA,  X-Men and Aquaman)  attached to is going to be WELL worth the money. The creator Raymond Ayala and others have formed a universe that has multicultural appeal, but they need your help to reach their $5,000 goal in order to get this graphic novel out there.

There’s some pretty neat things in store if you choose to support this ambitious endeavor. You can get anything from a digital download of the book to T-shirts, wallpaper, to numerous other goodies. The biggest reward of them all is a chance to become a character in the graphic novel! Yep, that’s right folks, the creation of a character with your very likeness will be added to the pages of the book in a story. It would be insane to pass up the opportunity to be a superhero!

Urban Myth Epic

Time is running out, so support this Kickstarter anyway you can to make this dream an reality. Watch the video. Sound off in the comments below. What do you think of this project? And, If you don’t have the coin to pitch in, you can always lend a helping hand by sharing on the various social media channels. Let’s get the word out folks, Urban Myth Gets Comic Booked!

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