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Kickstarter Spotlight: With The Earth Above Us


Kickstarter has become one of the top funding sources for independent comic books.  Many artist and writers use Kickstarter to fund their next creator owned projects.  We have seen the likes of Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith and 44Flood use Kickstarter to fund massive projects. We have also seen an increase in fantastic campaigns with relatively unknown creators. We want to help these folks get the support they need. There are some amazing stories out there folks, and for just a couple of bucks you can help make sure they are seen by the world.
This Kickstarter spotlight is on With The Earth Above Us: A Graphic Novel. Created by Lee Milewski, it  just launched on Kickstarter and needs your consideration.  With The Earth Above Us is an all age’s sci-fi adventure, set aboard an interplanetary space station.  This comic will be a 70 page sci-fi adventure.  Another interesting aspect of this book is that it will be in a digest form of 5×7, with a full spread of black and white pages. Lee is doing all the work except for the lettering. He is delivering some really retro, yet vibrant pages to this comic book.

WTEAU issue 1

The story of With the Earth Above Us (via Kickstarter):


The Melvin V, being the first fully-functioning interplanetary vessel of its kind, has been adrift for almost twenty years in deep space. With nearly 100 passengers on board, a self-sustaining oxygen conservatory, and the means to grow a limitless supply of food, it is truly a marvel of science and man-made machinery.

Sheridan, a top engineer in charge of general maintenance while everyone is fast asleep, has significant trust issues with the ships artificial intelligence, S.A.M. which results in the destruction of an entire wing of the Melvin.

He must attempt to clear his name prior to the crew awakening from cryo-sleep, which becomes increasingly more difficult as the rogue AI grows paranoid of becoming tired technology and ultimately, upgraded.


Lee’s goal for this project is $4,000, with all money raised going to the creation of the book and its outlining rewards.  Like many projects, you can receive some great rewards… from the comic book itself, to a 10 page illustrated comic of your choice!  That is one hell of a deal!  If this comic book interests you, I highly suggest that you head on over to and read the 1st issue..  This is a great way to find out more about the story and characters.

Head on over to Kickstarter and support Indie Comics!

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