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Killtopia Kickstarter Preview

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I’ve spent a lot of time reading and reviewing comics from the indie community and one thing that has become very apparent is that there are levels to the indie game. Some indie creators are casual, meaning they create on their own time with no particular schedule or deadline, they just enjoy creating. There is nothing wrong with those folks and their approach to creating, often times they have great projects, but their drive is mostly to create for themselves while people like Dave Cook create for the masses. I’ve seen Cook grow as a writer and consistently get better at creating; not just writing, picking creative teams to fit the idea of the book, running a successful Kickstarter, and always improving from one project to the next. Killtopia will be the third series and the sixth book I’ve seen so I can say for sure that Cook has turned Card Shark Comics into something I recognize and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I feel like Card Shark is part of Cook’s consistency and whenever I see a Kickstarter from Card Shark I’m on board immediately.

Killtopia is a classic cyberpunk tale, in Cooks own words.

“A brash cyberpunk fantasy set in a neon-drenched Japanese metropolis. Killtopia is Battle Royale meets Blade Runner for the videogame generation, as an otaku mech hunter, egotistical bloodsport champion and their robot sidekick run from crazed android killers in a race to cure a world-ending nano-virus.”

I feel like Killtopia will have a feel like the classic cyber tale by William Gibson, Neuromancer. The idea of “neon-drenched Japanese metropolis” sounds classic and a staple of the Neuromancer book. I love the idea of a megatropolis where super tech rules and androids roam the landscape of neon lights and futuristic people. This has all the ingredients for hit in the grossly under served cyberpunk fantasy world.

Guess what else?! Not even twenty four hours up on Kickstarter, before I could even finish writing this preview, it’s funded. So no need to worry about funding, it’s already hit it’s goal, now we can sit back and watch as the campaign blows past stretch goals. Also, there are a lot of fun pledge levels and stuff to get like t-shirts, USB’s, and staples like stickers and PDF’s of other Card Shark Comics goodies.

As I said, Killtopia is live and already funded so go secure your pledge now!

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