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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Coming In December

Kingdom Hearts

March 28, 2002, I was twelve years old, still gaming on my Nintendo 64, but a few of my friends had gotten a Playstation 2 and the game to play with it was Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t get it, I was watching my friend play, but not from the beginning, I just saw him running around as some spiky haired kid with big shoes. It wasn’t until December of 2005 that I actually began to care about the new Square Enix title, when Kingdom Hearts 2 dropped. I actively searched for a copy of the first one and when I got it, I played it day in and out until I beat it. Which was pretty hard to do so, if I can say so myself.

From there on out I began to play any and every KH game I could get my hands on. That includes last years release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix, something that was offered in Japan that finally came to the U.S. Now released for the Playstation 3 with bonus content (Both KH final mix and Chain of Memories, and 358/2 theater mode.) You get to experience the great game in a whole new way.

Now coming out this December is Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix. This game includes Kingdom Hearts 2 (my favorite of the series) Final Mix, Birth By Sleep (which I never got to finish playing) Final Mix, and Re: Coded (which I never got play in the first place). I’m so excited for the game. It also happens to be the only game that’s not on a Nintendo console I’m going to be buying this year.

I know it seems crazy to keep buying games you’ve already own, but with all this extra content I think if you love the KH series that this will be an amazing addition to your collection, that will definitely hold you over until Kingdom Hearts 3 drops.

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