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Knight #1 Review


Writer/Letterer Guido Martinez
Penciller/Inker Mauri
Inker Viktor Nava
Colorist Marcus Odoms
Additional Letterer David Herbert
Variant Cover Simone Buonfantino and Franco Riesco
For Evoluzione Publishing

I’ve probably said it a hundred times but I keep repeating it because it’s true. Indie comics are the most creative and have the most original ideas. I’ve probably seen a thousand different Batman’s and Superman’s and a million different takes on mutations and powers but it’s ideas like Knight that are really fun to read and bring something unique to the indie comic world. Knight is a character with a different power and he lives in a world that isn’t like any other. Part of what makes Knight so unique is the extensive world that he lives in, it becomes clear that the world is vast but Martinez doesn’t force the world on the reader, he lets it unravel organically as he introduces Knight. Most of issue one is a solid introduction to Knight as a character but the little hints to a vast world are there almost from the start. Martinez makes sure to tease the world and villains before leaving the cliffhanger and promise of more characters and character development. I enjoyed Knight enough to want to see where they go with the world and character building and I can’t wait to see where issue two starts to take Knight.

Appropriately Knight has a darker color pallet like a lot of Batman comics but the cityscape is more realistic, like New York. What is a superhero that doesn’t jump along roof tops and brood over the city? Mauri and Odoms team up to make those cityscapes and rooftops looks super real and give the city a real city feel. What makes the city feel so good is the fact that most of the cityscapes are action scenes where Knight is doing something and they incorporate the action with the city to make it feel realistic. The characters and character design are well defined; their strong, athletic looking, and beefed out. Besides the solid art Martinez and Herbert have a fun lettering font that screams “Knight” and dark ages, it really helps to round out the book.

Knight #1 is available on Comixology and issue two will be on Kickstarter 6/2/17 and if you want to keep up with everything Knight then check out their Facebook page.

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