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Knight #3 Kickstarter Preview

Knight 3

I’m so excited to be given the chance to read Knight #3, I’m familiar with Knight and the plot that was started in the first two issues, but what I’ve seen in issue three is exactly what I love about indie comics. First, let me start with what might seem like a negative and let me spin this into a positive. Writer Guido Martinez asked me for advice after I read issue three and the one thing that I noticed was an accelerated relationship that I thought would do better spread out further. Martinez explained not only why he was forced to speed up the progress but how he went about doing it.

Granted not everyone can always get this sort of insight but what it did was show me not only has Martinez grown as a writer but he has the ability to work on the fly and rewrite as needed. This was a huge plus for me, just knowing Martinez is so invested that he shortened his book because he felt it was what was for the best, but also the investment in his series to find a way to keep the relationship he felt was vital. Overall the relationship isn’t really an issue, it’s just something that I noticed, and when you read it I doubt you will even notice. The plot of Knight involves ancient evils and heroes as they battle it out for control. Character and plot development are all at the forefront for issue three and this book is on a roll.

Now for what is so exciting about indie books. The art has made a clear improvement and the art teams growth is exactly one of the reasons I love being part of the indie community. This is exactly why I support those that are just starting out and growing their brand. They put so much effort into it and it’s so wonderful to see. Martinez and his willingness to compromise on length coupled with the substantial growth in quality of art product makes this Kickstarter a seriously good project to back.

Kickstarter rewards are always a large, or the largest, part of campaign so I can’t finish without talking about some of the rewards. Because this is an Evoluzione book there is plethora PDF and other Evoluzione titles to get but what I thought was really special was the ability to have a cameo and the ability to be drawn as a recurring character. How cool would it be to become a vigilante in coming issues!

If Knight sounds fun to you go check out the Kickstarter now!

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