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Ladies of Dynamite – Fantastic Face Offs in Creative Clobber!

Comic Dynamite1

Ladies of Dynamite – Fantastic Face Offs in Creative Clobber!

Dynamite showed some smooth moves recently when they laid out their future plans to do some shucking and jiving up to NYC (their future ‘expanded’ home sweet home), and how they have been making sure ladies of Dynamite look fantastic in their latest wears during vivid action scenes battling villains and aliens!  Dynamite – how do you DO this fantastic feat???    Masterfully marvelous manipulation of magic and mayhem!

Swords of Sorrow, @DynamiteComics, #DynamiteComics, Cullen Bunn, #comics, @comics, @CBR, #CBR,

Swords of Sorrow #2:  Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler

Writer – Leah Moore

Illustrator – Francesco Manna

Colorist – Inlight Studio

Letterer – Erica Schultz

Cover – Jay Anacleto

Cover colors – Ivan Nunes

3.5 thumbs up out of 5 – luv these gals!!!

The Princess of Helium is teleported, transmitted or somehow world jumped into Sherlock Holmes‘ London!  Irene Adler had a little something to do with this, but now Sherlock Holmes is embroiled in this little smudge of a mystery once he was introduced to Dejah Thoris. Hot on the trail of solving it, he feels this red angel who appears to be his equal (except in regards to the large knife wielding) needs his assistance and saving… He still needs to work on that large blade skill, tho.  Art work is very well done, solid plot line and of course, it has Sherlock Holmes!!!  Win!

Masks 2, Swords of Sorrow, @DynamiteComics, #DynamiteComics, Cullen Bunn, #comics, @comics, @CBR, #CBR,

Masks 2 #4:

Writer – Cullen Bunn

Illustrator – Eman Casallos

Colorist – Adriano Augusto

Letterer – Rob Steen

Cover – Butch Guice and Alex Guimaraes (A), Jae Lee and Ivan Nunes (B), Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd (C)

Colton Worley (D)

3.7 thumbs up out of 5 – this keeps getting better, luv the story progression!

A large gathering of super heros converges on the same night to discuss the dreaded Red Death and how to defeat her, or in another dimension, how she was defeated.  While they discuss and relive their past/present/future, they are brutally swept into another dimension – but… where’s the Red Death now?  Rumor has it Peter Cannon defeated her, but his memory is a little foggy – did it really happen?  Check it!!!

Swords of Sorrow, Red Sonja, Swords of Sorrow, @DynamiteComics, #DynamiteComics, Cullen Bunn, #comics, @comics, @CBR, #CBR,

Swords of Sorrow #3:

Writer – Gail Simone

Illustrator – Sergio Davila

Colorist – Jorge Sutil

Letterer – Erica Schultz

Cover – Tula Lotay (A), Emanuela Lupacchino and Ivan Nunes (B), Robert Hack (C)

3.9999999999 thumbs up out of 5 – I love how the theater looks like a certain Chi-town theater (which shall remain nameless)

Looks like Sparrow and Fury are in it neck deep again.  Unable to sit like prim and proper ladies at a play for just one hour, they cause a scene during the production, which is topped by another scene created by giant, muscly bird-men…

In another part of the world of time, Lord Dracula is summoned by his daughter Eva, and they first discuss how much he dislikes her – but after the family salutations are given it is brought up for discussion how they need to work on getting the philosopher’s stone from an evil lord that took it…only problem is that it’s been years ago…and there’s problems with time!

To add even more controversy, in the swamp at the end of all things Prince Charming is found and told his love Snow White is still alive!   Crushed!!!   Rifts in time become more pronounced as the Traveler continues to control rifts in time to converge everyone into a single time and place to complete her evil plan!   Great multi-verse writing – but what does the philosopher’s stone do?




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