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Lantern Corps pt. 2

Red Lanterns: Rage

Before there was the Green Lantern Corps there were the Manhunters, sentient robot beings that the Guardians created and then t.ried to control This failed as was such the case in sector 666 where the Manhunters slaughtered all but five beings including Atrocitus the leader of the Red Lantern Corps.
When attached to a Red Lantern ring a person becomes near feral and their blood is replaced with the seething like magma of rage, the only Red Lantern that has held his full composure while wearing a red ring is Atrocitus. The red rings being one of the furthest from the center of the emotional spectrum (the center being will power) the ring starts to control the emotions of those that wear it. Although few have worn and escaped the Rage it is a difficult and at times near fatal thing to do.

Blue Lanterns: Hope

Created by the outcast Guardians Ganthet and Sayd the Blue Lantern light is one of Hope, something that was much needed during the Blackest Night, and a light that will help guide many in the Brightest Day. The Blue Lantern power rings have different abilities in different scenarios. When next to a Green Lantern ring the Blue rings have the abilities to heal wounds, charge the Green Lantern ring to near double its normal charging abilities. It also has adverse effects on the rings from the opposite side of the emotional like draining the Yellow rings powers, revering the effects of the Red Lantern rings, and stopping the draining power of the Orange Lantern rings.
At the end of Blackest Night Saint Walker is the Guardian of the Blue light of Hope due to Sayd’s deal with Larfleeze and Ganthet becoming a Green lantern. The question is will all really be well for the Blue Lanterns?

Indigo Tribe: Compassion

Very little is known about the origin of the Indigo Tribe, from Blackest Night it is learned that their leader goes by the name Indigo-1 and it seems her second in command is an Indigo Tribe member named Munk. The powers of the Indigo ring beyond the default Lantern flight and protective field as well as force the compassion out of people, as well as force compassion into those that feel none. The indigo rings are also capable of utilizing the abilities of other Lantern rings within the vicinity, but they have to be careful because certain Lantern emotions can take control easier then others. After the final battle in Blackest Night the Indigo Tribe vanished along with Blackhand. They have him trapped using a ring of compassion, and seemingly forcibly making him one of the Indigo Tribe.

There are also 2 Corps that aren’t part of the emotional Spectrum so I’ll do a summary on them right here right now!

Black Lanterns: Death

The signs were there and yet the Guardians ignored them, taking it upon themselves to try to avoid the Blackest Night, but like all darkness the Black Lanterns came with alarming speed and emotional corruption. When facing a Black Lantern they would push you to feel, they fed off the emotions, and killed all who felt. The Black Lanterns took the husks of the dead, and the memories those brains still held and brought them back in torturous fashion to defeat all that was light. Only the Lantern Corps and the white light were able to bring William Hand back to life, and defeat Nekron for the time being.

White Lantern Corps: Life

In the beginning there was one light, the white light and it gave life to all the other emotional spectrum’s. When all seemed loss the white light came into play first absorbed by Sinestro, and then by the entirety of those that had been resurrected by Nekron (Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Bart Allen, Connor Kent and more) and that power was turned on the entirety of the Black Lantern Corps destroying them.

At the end of Blackest Night twelve people were brought back from the dead Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Deadman, Digger Harkness, Zoom, Ronnie Raymond, Aquaman, Hank Hall, Amon Tomaz, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, The Martian Manhunter, and Maxwell Lord. As of Brightest Day numbers 0-1 the only one with a white ring still on is Boston Brand aka Deadman, as well as a mysterious White Lantern sitting in a crater so far neither Sinestro nor Hal Jordan can move it. We’ll have to see who wields the White Lantern.
Welcome to Brighest Day!

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