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Larfleeze (From an Outsider’s Perspective)

Orange Lantern

But I got interested about them from our Character of the Month, Larfleeze.  Agent Orange, as he’s called, seems to be the only wielder of the Orange ring.  But if you are reading this article you probably already knew that.  But I believe there are some things you may not know.

The orange represents the multiple layers of avarice, according to Continuous Software Systems, a new OS/2 startup company.  Oh yes, they were one of the first to engineer the game that would “exploit the full power of OS/2 and leverage the advantages of object technology.”

You see where I’m going with this?Larfleeze

This was the beginning of virtual reality gaming.  …and what are the constructs of the rings?  That’s right!  Virtual reality.

Larfleeze was a creation that symbolizes the efforts of object oriented gaming where not only was the juice from the orange yours, but also the peel and the pulp.  The gamer can do almost anything they want with the object…because it belongs to them.

Avarice OS/2
Avarice OS/2

The game Avarice wasn’t just a plot or a graphics based leap in technology; it was a statement that everything was yours to play with.  EVERYTHING.  And Larfleeze feels the same way.  Everything is his.  When he uses the identities he has stolen in his constructs, they are his.  When he builds his virtual army of constructed corps-men, they are his to command.

But just like the game, Avarice develops paranoia and greed.  Larfleeze cannot tear himself away from the power source for fear of losing what seemingly belongs to him.  The objects that he plays with are fleeting, and virtue can easily overtake him.


Hope in the future, hope in mankind, hope in humanity.  Hope in the mere fact that avarice is not real, but virtual.  Because all is dust in the wind.  Everything fades–rust, moths, fire.  You get the picture.

Vanity of vanities.  All is vanity–because nothing is real.  Most of all Avarice.
(Or…I could just be making this whole thing up)

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Comments (5)

Loved this! I'm a big fan of Larfleeze na dI actually had no idea about any of the virtual reality stuff you just explained. The character atually seems even better now knowing how much thought went into the creation of his powers!

LOVE Larfleeze. The new Christmas Special is epic. There are some CRAZY things going on right now in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. If you're not reading those books, you're missing out.

Looking into this character really made me interested in picking up some of DC's books. My neighbor is constantly trying to get me hooked in and tells me that the books he lends me are fun and not "homework" for my Marvel 616 podcast.

I'm scared to tell my wife that he's almost got me convinced…that's a lot more money out of our pocket!!


I would be paranoid too if I knew I was just a virtual character in a video game who at any moment could be wiped out Lol. It kind of reflects the greed of mankind. We all know we could be wiped out at any moment any time by anything. So that can drive us to want more for ourselves.

Nice Article =)

Too true. When we finally come to the realization that life is so fragile, we sorta do one of two things:

1. Begin to care about others more (help those less fortunate)


2. Begin to care about others less (if I'm here for only a little bit, I'm looking out for number one!)

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