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Legend of Korra



Welcome back to Republic City, for Legend of Korra‘s fourth and finale season. Last we saw our Avatar she was going away to heal from the severe injuries she sustained at the end of season three from the criminal Zaheer. Now three years later, we’re back and Team Avatar is scattered and off doing their own things.

Asami is helping Republic City build railways to connect the Earth kingdom to Republic City. Mako is a bodyguard for the upcoming Earth King, Bolin is apart of the Uniters team, who is trying to reunite all of the Earth Kingdoms. As for Korra, I won’t spoil that.

The start of the episode reintroduces the characters and jumps right into the plot of the season, which is called Balance. A lot of the Earth Kingdoms are being overrun by bandits and though the new airbenders are there to help, they are spread thin. Enter Kuvira “The Great Uniter”, though her motives seem questionable.

What I’ve always loved about Avatar: the Last Airbender, and even now in Legend of Korra, is how every character is layered, you can’t fit their characters into a box, they grow and develop and and share personality traits and after three seasons, that’s how it should be. Korra develop from this arrogant hot head to this powerful leader in realizing she can’t and doesn’t have to save the world alone. Mako, the anti-social loner feels more at home with his friends, Asami was just a business man’s daughter, now she’s the business woman and Bolin, who I personally think had the biggest character growth, he went from being the goof, to this passionate protector.

Legend of Korra

Now I know all good things come to an end, but I’m sad to see this series go, you can catch Korra online at New episodes air every Friday.


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