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Legends Parallel #1 Review

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Characters by Brian Daniel and Sherrie Vanilla Hardy
Art by Leslie Tejlor and Brian Daniel
Lettering by Leslie Tejlor
Story by Bill McCormick and Dorphise Jean
Cover by Alexander Malyshev
For Hadithi Sambamba Comix

After reading so many different style of books I start to see patterns in writing and character development that repeat themselves, particularly in the big two and superhero style books. One of the reasons I love indie comics so much is that even when they do superheroes and things similar to the popular themes of other day they seem to do it with a flare and style that makes it different but similar and more interesting than the same old same. Legends Parallel has a bit of everything in it really; rich tech genius, meta humans with superpowers, and parallel universes. Most, if not all of these, are stand alone themes that can carry a book but McCormick and Jean have crafted a story that intertwines all of them together in a way that gives them all meaning to the story yet room to develop all aspects on their own terms. With the presence of a rich tech genius and parallel worlds it’s easy to guess who the hero is and where the bad guys came from but the writing isn’t predictable and the plot is intricate.

I feel like character design and development is key to a book’s success, there needs to be a clear line between the character that the reader is reading and the character that the reader is seeing. Sometimes I see characters and art that doesn’t flow with the book but in Legends Parallel the character design and expressions are fitting with the flow of the writing. Legends Parallel is most certainly an adult book with a lot of female nudity and characters close to Boundless or Zenescope. Thick, curvey, ample; these are just a few things that come to mind when looking at the female characters, and there are plenty of panels that show off their assets.

Legends Parallel is available at their website so if you want to become a legend unparalleled then head over and give their site a look!

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