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Letters From The Editor: Marvel and DC Sales Drop


There has been a lot of talk lately about dropping sales at both Marvel and DC Comics. People have offered all sorts of excuses from the failure of things like Convergence to the changes in the economy. I am here to tell you that the main reason their sales are dropping is because there is better stuff out there from the smaller publishers than their has been in years!

When I look at my weekly pull list (and I get a lot of comics each week), fewer and fewer of them are from the Big 2. The bulk of my comics come from Image, with companies like BOOM!, IDW, Aftershock, and Archie/Dark Circle making up the rest. Granted, I get a lot of comics each week, but I still find very few of the DC books to my liking. Current, I am only reading Injustice:Gods Among Us Year 5 (which ends soon) and DC Comic’s Bombshells. I also pick up Harley Quinn and her various spin-offs.

Now with Rebirth coming from DC and the plethora of Marvel events slated for this year, maybe people are just getting tired of the same old stories… Companies like Aftershock Comics have come on the scene with amazing new books, great writers, and sweet art, and are really giving the Big Two a run for their money… literally.

The truth of all of this is the you are the ones who make the decisions as to what is good and what is worth keeping. Vote with your purchases. Choose what you like and don’t chose trash just because it has a fancy cover or an appearance of Deadpool or Harley Quinn. Show the publishers who is really in control of the industry. Support who you want and never be afraid to try something new.

I challenge you to look over the offerings at your LCS this week and pick up a new book. Look them over, think about story, art, style, and pick up something you think is cool, just to try. Then leave us a comment and let us know what it was and how you liked it. They can’t all be winners, but even the good ones need you to choose them.


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