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Like Father, Like Daughter #2 and 3 Review and Kickstarter Preview

like father like daughter

Created, Written, Edited by Kathryn “Comic Uno” Calamia (Issue 2 and 3)
Designed, Produced by Short Fuse Media Group, LLC (Issue 2 and 3)
Pencils, Inks by Wayne A. Brown (Issue 2 and 3)
Colors by David Aravena (Issue 2 and 3)
Letters by John Palmer IV (Issue 2) Matt Bowers (Issue 3)
Publisher, Co-Editor Rashaan McAdoo (Issue 2 and 3)
Art Director Larry Walker Jr. (Issue 2 and 3)
Financial Director Marisela Perez (Issue 2 and 3)
Intern Courtney Jackson (Issue 2)
Special Executive Producers Vincent Calamia, Lisa Eng, Jay Magnum (Issue 2)

First I have to give a special shout for Short Fuse, these guys have been steady running on a different level from most indie creators and have certainly raised the bar. Their indie game is strong and their collaboration efforts between indie creators are inspiring. I love seeing these Short Fuse projects because I know automatically that their quality products and they will each bring their own flare to the brand. Short Fuse is building a world that rivals the big two and they have some talented people behind each property so each one is unique in its own right as well as within the group dynamic.


Like Father, Like Daughter is a project that I very much appreciate and have been following from day one. I did a review of the first issue when it came out and it was the first exposure I had to a great company in Short Fuse as well as a great artist team with everyone involved. Comic Uno has a gift for writing comics and I’ve been more and more excited to see her progress every issue. On the surface Like Father, Like Daughter is a girl struggling to come to terms with her new founded superpowers but really it goes very deep into the human condition and touches on several touchy topics. Father daughter relationship that also touches on the topic of having absent parent/parents, high school cliques and popularity, high school dating in relation to cliques and popularity, there is even a part of this story that touches on the devastating effect bullying can have on others, and every piece of these issues are touched on in a genuinely caring and respectful manner. As I said Comic Uno is a gifted writer and has done more than just make a superhero comic book, she has shown that some superheroes don’t have to wear capes, they just have to make an effort to be a better person in spite of things like having an absent parent. Sometimes just standing up for people that are bullied is all we have to do to be a hero.


Brown and Aravena have been together from the beginning and have always been consistent with their art, the only variant in team members has come from the lettering position, there have been two different letterers Palmer and most recently Bowers. For me the art is very consistent but one of the things that keeps me interested and is constantly changing is the facial expressions. Brown and Aravena are skillful at capturing emotion in the facial expressions of the characters and it makes for an interesting read because sometimes the facial expressions blend with the dialog and make for a really telling panel. The duel storytelling, visual and dialog blend, is a sign of a really cohesive team which is wonderful to see, especially heading into a fourth Kickstarter.

Speaking of Kickstarter, Like Father, Like Daughter is live with issue four and they have some seriously out of this world rewards, I’m talking print and digital, even their own action figures!  I already pledged and so should you!

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Thank you for the kind words Ian!

Quality project! Issues 1-3 were great. My daughter loved them as well. We look forward to reading number 4!

Hope you can support!

Thank you for the kind words, and I’m very happy to hear that your daughter enjoyed the book. Means a lot!

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