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Like Father, Like Daughter Kickstarter Preview


Like Father, Like Daughter is one of those books that I’ve been following from the beginning and have had the pleasure of watching the artist team grow together for a while now. Writer Kathryn Calamia, also known as Comic Uno, is someone who is passionate about comics and it shows in her work. She works in comics but also as a reviewer on YouTube as well as many websites including IGN and Newsarama. Between the familiar content of Like Father, Like Daughter and the familiar publisher in Short Fuse Media backing this project was never a question for me.

For those that don’t know Short Fuse Media is one of my favorite indie comic publishers. Honestly, I think it all starts with their hashtag, #WeAlwaysDeliver. Not only do they always deliver, they usually deliver very quickly. Short Fuse has a top down work ethic that really shines in the preparation for Kickstarter campaigns, they get all their ducks in a row and most of the time they have their books ready to ship in record time. As I said Short Fuse always have their ducks in a row and because of this their goals are usually very reasonable. Most of the time trades have a larger goal but with Like Father, Like Daughter the goal is a very reasonable three thousand and as I write this the goal is already met so rewards are guaranteed.

Speaking of rewards, Short Fuse has a wide range of things that include the original floppies and/or PDF’s of Like Father, Like Daughter, other Short Fuse titles in floppy and/or PDF’s, t-shirts, and the Short Fuse custom action figures. That’s right, action figures. As far as I know Short Fuse is the only indie publisher that has their own action figure line. I’ve already bought all of the floppies but with the new TPB collection there is new content along with the collection so the standard twenty five dollar charge still brings new material to the reward. Most of the time with Kickstarter rewards I plan on paying double, or very close to it, but with the trade being only twenty five it’s nowhere near double the price of a trade at my local shop.

If Like Father, Like Daughter sounds interesting to you check out their Kickstarter and make a pledge.

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