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Hello fans!!!   If you don’t know me yet, I am Victoria Paege, VP of media and Cosplay division lead here in  I also act a bit and do a little cosplaying of my own.

I am proud to be a part of the 2 teams here at Comic Booked, and have been thinking a lot about what kind of content I can bring to all of you.

First, I’m going to focus on Cosplay.  I am will be searching for writers, cosplayers, fans of cosplay, models, etc.  I not only want to gain input from everyone, but will be reaching out to the community to bring pictures, interviews and more.  More, like todays post.  As I was browsing the interwebs, I came across what I believe to be the perfect segway into my new section.

Now there are many MANY people that cosplay.  Some fans of Anime, comics, scifi , and some not.  Some who do it to show homage to their favorites characters and others combine that with their love of creating costumes.  Whatever the reason, I love seeing characters from the screen pop up and in to life. That being said, I loved reading about a calendar that was done by cosplayers to do nothing but support a good cause.  Now calendars of everyone and everything seem to be popping up everywhere lately, so, what makes this one jump up to the top?  It’s filled with some of the hottest, best and most well known cosplayers from around the WORLD!  Models like Yaya Han, Cvy, Lindze, the precious Francesca Dani and more.

All of the proceeds of the signed calendars are going directly to aid the hard work of the Japanese Red Cross.  In total, there are 18 cosplay models and 3 artists who came together to offer themselves up solely to help raise money.  Incredible.  You can find more information or buy the calendar here:

So, a nice little beginning.  A calendar full of amazing people and costumes.  From here on out I will also be bringing to you coverage from anime conventions, like the Saboten Con I am going to be promoting the event through videos and by interviewing guests, like Akira Yamaoka (!) and cosplaying EVERY SINGLE DAY! These will be brand new costumes too. ^_^

As I add a new Facebook and update on my blog I will be providing links.  You can follow me on twitter at @CBVee to stay even more up to date on posts and news.  I look forward to bringing you exciting and new things every week!

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James Victor Von Hal

You make a stunning Poison Ivy! I love cosplay and if we can have it wrapped up in charity as well? Hell everyone wins!

Now that is an awesome Poison Ivy!!! More Cosplay please!

awesome article! i love cosplay & look forward to your future coverage on the awesome world of cosplay!

Josh McNamara


Amazing job


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