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With all the reboots, book to movie, and comic to movie movies taking over the cinemas, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy a film made directly for the big screen. Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson (Avengers, Don Jon) and Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Lego Movie). Both characters acts as the movies narrators. Lucy (Johansson) taking the opening and ending narrations, asking the question, “We’ve been given life and what do we do with it?” and Professor Norman (Freeman) narrating in the middle. This is a way of giving the audience information to connect what’s going on in the movie and in Lucy’s head.

Take a look at the trailer for Lucy.

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Like shown in the trailer, Lucy is pulled in against her will to be a drug mule and after a moment of defiance she is beaten. Conveniently, right in the area where the drugs were placed, causing them to rupture and spread throughout her bloodstream. After escaping capture she makes her way to a hospital. During this time, the effects of the drug begin to take affect, Lucy’s brain capacity begins to expand. After interrupting a current surgery, stating that they wouldn’t have been able to save him anyway, she has them take the pouch of drugs from her stomach. The drug is called CPH4 and the doctor tells her that it is a hormone found in a mother’s womb and it helps the fetus develop bones and that the amount she had ingested should have killed her and he was surprised she was still alive. To which she replies “I will be”. To me this scene sets up the rest of the film. Will she die or will she find a way to overcome the negative side effects of CPH4?

From here on out the movie is filled with action packed scenes and humorous moments as Lucy makes her way to Professor Norman, the top researcher in the field of brain capacity. Along with getting to Norman, Lucy goes to collect the rest of the drugs. See ,Lucy wasn’t the only drug mule and a majority of the movie is her racing against the drug lord to get the pouches.

Obviously going into this movie you should know that it’s called science fiction for a reason. None of it is real, it was made purely for entertainment and entertaining it was. It was a lot of fun seeing their take on what would happen if we had access to 100% of our brain. All that knowledge we could store, tapping into memories we made as children but could not retain because our minds couldn’t handle it. Then the acting was just great to see. Johansson as Lucy was just great, even with her character resembling a robot more than a person, she was still charming. Of course who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman in whatever he does. You also have the antagonist played by South Korean actor Choi Min-sik (Old Boy) and Amr Waked, playing as a cop and slightly as a romantic counterpart for Lucy.


So, if you are looking for a good time at the theater I’d recommend it. It’s not a textbook movie and it isn’t without its sins, but you’ll having fun watching it and isn’t that what going to the movies is all about. I give Lucy a 4/5 stars


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