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LUV TO THE ARTISTS WHO INSPIRE COSPLAYS – Favorites from Wizard World Madison

Artist Alley - WWM1 Rob Liefeld

Artist Alley – best part of the con!  LUV the guys that bring us vivid eyefuls of Deadpool antics, harried damsels in distress saved by Superman, amazing fighting teams in Armored Forces, Powder Puff pizazz and or the artist that keeps us watching the Web master manage masterfully to manipulate the main drag!  Unbeknownst to them, these creative geniuses double as award-winning costume designers – giving us cosplay ideas to copy or continue to create with!  Thanks a lot, guys, for all those sleepless nights working on cosplay…right before the con…at the last minute…tryin’ to get it just right!!!

Wizard World Madison favs:

Archie Cunningham!  Moved past his booth multiple times and every time I saw him with a different youngster, motivating them and encouraging their artist endeavors and dreams!  He and his wife are stand-out folks!  He not only motivates me every time the independent comic series ‘Armored Forces’ pops up, but also amazes  me when his inspirational work with children and young adults is highlighted.  He is a first class artist and a good man who transforms young lives!

Artist Alley - WWM1 Archie Cunningham
Archie Cunningham – One of my favorite artists of Wizard World Madison

Rob Liefeld!  Deadpool, The New Mutants, X-Force, Youngblood, etc… = Rob Liefeld.  Self taught and one of the founders of Image Comics, he’s an imposing figure that catches your eye like his comics tend to.  Hard working and dedicated to his craft, he continues to marvel others and keep an eye on helping fellow creators of comics retain the ownership of their work.

Artist Alley - WWM1 Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld – One of my favorite artists of Wizard World Madison

Phillip Moy!  Not only is he a great artist he’s a sweetie!!!  Great work with Powder Puff Girls, Legionnaires and DC Comics among others!  A con Fav with twin bro Jeff who homeports in Chi-Town!  How cool is that!  I found over 169 issues where he’s credited!!!  He’s worked with Malibu, Marvel and Mirage studios too!  Fantastic artist, incredible guy!  Gotta swat the girls away at the cons, but he deals with it pretty well!  Luv ya Phil!

Artist Alley - WWM Phil Moy
Phillip Moy – One of my favorite artists of Wizard World Madison

Alex Saviuk!  Spiderman!! Really don’t need to say more but…  Web of Spider-man! …  Ok, truly there is SO much to this man, it’s hard to put it all down.  The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Atom, Superman, and the list goes on and on and on and on….  Alex has drawn The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday newspaper strip, long-term inked Spider-Man strips, and works storyboards for ad agencies and sometimes film/animation studios.   Does it all!  Respect to ya, Alex!!!!

Artist Alley - WWM1 Alex Saviuk
Alex Saviuk – One of my favorite artists of Wizard World Madison

Artists are key to convention success and the spark that fuels creative cosplay fires!  They are the reason (or excuse) we stay up until 4am before the con – GETTING THE COSTUME EXACTLY RIGHT – ‘just like’ the comics!   I think my last few glue burns are because of you guys!!!  Would never trade it tho – LOVE THE COSPLAY !   Remember the artists – they’re our incognito swamis, gurus, kingpins, master minds and above all – our inspiration!!!  LUV TO ARTISTS!!!


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