Ma’Ari #1 Kickstarter Preview

Ma'Ari Banner 1

Writer and letterer Elisa Bisignano
Art Iolanda Zanfardino
Editor Greg Anderson Elysée

I recently reviewed a comic from Evoluzione that didn’t fit into a typical mold for the current climate in comics and that comic was refreshing to see. Ma’Ari is from one of the same creators and it carries the same feel that brings a refreshing look for my eyes to take in. The uniqueness is all around and fits both the writing and art, making for a different and uncommon reading experience.

As a writer I usually focus on the story but what catches my eye immediately is the light bluish hue of art that bursts off the page with blues, purples and pinks, and carries an aurora that really sets the tone for the art. The character design and background are all in the same flow as the colors and the tone is set immediately with the first page that’s an overview of Palermo Italy, where the book is set. Every, single, page, is pure beauty. The colors, of course, but also the characters. Janaan and Simone are the two main characters so the reader gets a lot of opportunity to see them together and they compliment each other in every visual aspect. The entire book is visually pleasing and clearly done with love.

The story is what reminds me of the other book I reviewed from writer Elisa Bisignano, it’s drenched in lore and witchcraft but the style of writing is so that it all flows and doesn’t seem out of place. It’s like witchcraft is part of the world and there isn’t anything odd about it. Bisignano really shows off this melting of worlds together by introducing a priest that’s friends with Janaan and Simone. Everything fits so well together and the story is so well set up that the read is quick and pleasant but doesn’t lack in the lore or the world building.

What I see first, as far as the rewards, is what I consider standards to Kickstarter. PDF and hard copy of first issue is reasonably priced for a first book but as we go down the list of rewards it slowly gains momentum with more PDF’s from Evoluzione and other norms like variant covers. There is something for everyone’s taste in the rewards so go give their Kickstarter a look today!