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Magneto Marches in to All New Marvel NOW!


Magneto has been a little bit of everything throughout his involvement with the X-Men and the Marvel universe at large. Villain, hero, leader, follower, and terrorist. In March, 2014, he will have a new ongoing series launching in the All New Marvel NOW! initiative that claims to be of a darker tilt than many of his recent appearances.

Cullen Bunn writes and Gabriel Hernandez Walta will illustrate Magneto. This new series will be a real turn for the master of magnetism as he leaves the team with whom he has made his home, leaving Cyclops, Magik and Emma Frost, and venturing out on to his own quest. His goal? Hunting down the enemies of mutantkind.

Magneto #1 panelLooking at the history of Magneto, we have seen him high and low. Lord of Avalon and skulking in the underground. What lofty heights or lowly pit will this new series bring him to?

Cullen Bunn did an interveiw with CBR recently. Check out his quote about Magneto:

Magneto has seen horrible crimes against both humanity and mutantkind, and he’d do anything to make sure such atrocities don’t befall mutants again. In his quest to save mutantkind, though, he has done some pretty ghastly things to the world at large. I’m interested in knowing if Magneto is blind to the inherent evil in his own ruthless pursuit of justice. Or, if he does see it, does he view his actions as necessarily evil?CBR

Bunn goes on to tell us a little bit about the setting for this new series. “Magneto is wandering the Marvel Universe in this series, so he could go pretty much anywhere.” The series will begin with something a little more tame, an American small town as the setting for Magneto’s first sojourn.

The new series begins in March 2014. You can check out some other articles here and here.

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