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Malaki Marvels


Malaki is a 31 year old freelance Photoshop artist.  He specializes in digital composite artwork for personal and cosplay use.  He has an extensive artistic past.  In high school he was intrigued by the arts in many forms.  He was in the National Art Honors Society all through school and was elected as the president during his senior year.  He studied in art class all the way up to Art Honors IV.  Aside from the visual arts he was enthusiastically involved in performing arts.  He took drama all through high school and participated in many plays and continued to do so after high school.

He grew up in what is formally known as the capital of the Confederate States of America – Richmond, the capital of Virginia has been his home all his life.  He states that he couldn’t have asked to have grown up in a better state or city.  Richmond is home to three colleges, University of Richmond -home of the Richmond Spiders, Virginia Commonwealth University -home of the Rams, and Virginia Union University – a well known all-black college.  Richmond is filled with art.  VCU is very well known for its theatre and art departments. Fashion styles run rampant among the students and thrift stores are much more appreciated then any major department store.

Music has been a big influence on Malaki and his creativity.  He listens to anything from the 50’s to the 90’s of all genres, rock-metal-pop-punk-swing-big band-indie-classic southern rock-and ska are his favorites.  His top three bands of all time are the Beatles, Sublime, and Green Day in that order.  He has always said that music runs through his body more than blood does. He plays the drums and likes to sing.  He tends to frequent karaoke bars as a nice way to unwind from the week.

Although he loves console games, he has always liked to play many PC games as well.  He is a HUGE fan of RTS’s and RPG’s.  He finds FPS much easier to play on the PC.  He has been working with computers since he was 14.  He built his first computer at 15 and designed his first HTML website at 17.  He would consider himself technologically inclined.  He feels that he is always learning and that the day he stops, he’ll likely die but he never plans on stopping.

His overwhelming love for comic books, movies, and video games fuel his nerd-like qualities.  He’s a very big movie buff and can quote most movies he has seen. He has been reading comic books since he was six.  He feels that is an age old enough to appreciate a good comic or graphic novel.  The comics he follows are his favorite superheros of all time as he enjoys Superman, Ironman, and the Green Lantern the most.  He does also really like , X-Men, G.I. Joe, The Justice League, Avengers, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  His video game infatuation overruns them all though.  He became a gamer at the age of five when his grandparents bought him a 13″ color TV and an Atari for Christmas.  From then on, he has owned every gaming system that has come out.  He states that to this day he can master a game after an hour of playing it.  He is a sucker for the classics though like Mario, Contra, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Starfox.   His current favorite games are Rockband, Black Ops, any dance game, and Halo Wars.

So we would guess that he has always wanted to pursue a field in art and computers.  He enjoys helping others and bringing them joy through his talent.  He’s always had the dream of combining his passion with his talent and creating a business of his own that would also benefit others.  His goal is to share his talent and skills with as many as possible.  The happier he can make a customer, the more pride he puts into his work.

Here is one he did of me – this is my character Reindulana Simon from The Laughing Moon Chronicles by Todd Van Hooser.

So join him in his marvelous adventure and be assured that it will be an epic ride to the top.

Find Malaki Marvels on Facebook here and start getting your talented cosplay pictures made into magic today!  Go like his page and give him your support and see what he can do with some of your photographs. Be sure to catch him at future conventions.  He is bringing his service to you at different events so that you can get your fix while in costume.

As Always, keep your eyes where they should be, in a comic book~Smiles, Brieanna

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Awesome article!

I like his work on the Punisher Woman, as well as Reindulana Simon.

I hope he does one of me soon! Haha

Malaki Wilson

Crimson Blur I will be more than happy to do one for you. I need more male customers as well. If you would like to commission a wallpaper you can get in touch with me on my Facebook page at Malaki's Marvels. I have my prices and everything you need there. Also for a limited time for every wallpaper that is commissioned I will throw in a free Facebook Profile Picture, a $20 value. Hope to do business with you soon. Superman IS my favorite superhero so I'm excited to do a superman wallpaper for you. 🙂

Thanks guys, He is sure to get some cosplay attention at conventions

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