More Man of Steel 2? Maybe Not!

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So last week I offered up my opinion about George Miller’s possibly involvement in Man of Steel 2 and of course days later the news that Man of Steel 2 and George Miller’s involvement are on a permanent hold.  This doesn’t surprise me really at all and it only reaffirms how I feel about “journalism” in the movie industries; “report it first find out if it’s true later.”  I have personal thoughts about this type of journalism and you can imagine how I feel but I will save that rant for another day.  Here is a few encouraging words and thoughts about this development.

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Just because there may or may not be a Man of Steel 2 doesn’t mean Superman is going away anytime soon.  Superman is only going to get more prevalent in the DC Universe because I will bet just about everything that Batman vs. Superman will kill it and with the title “Dawn of Justice” it’s clearly leading to the Justice League movies.  Believe it or not I have faith in the WB, I don’t necessarily agree with their tight wad tactics, but they seem to be vigilant in the direction of their universe and I respect that.  I like the overall vision and direction and I feel like George Miller sees that as well.

George Miller isn’t a dummy, and neither are the execs at WB, they clearly stated already at Den of Geeks what I feel the real news to George Miller and WB is.

“Miller is talking with Warner Bros. about what DC property to take, the studio would have to agree with his vision, schedules would need to be worked out.”

The George Miller meeting with WB execs was clearly just a very mild first step to see if they even have a shared vision.  The part of this that makes me mad is that that this fact alone is news, “George Miller meets with WB on possibly directing a DC film.”  What is wrong with that headline?  Why get us stoked on a movie that may or may not happen?  I don’t get the clickbait mentality and I think from now on, personally, I will stick to studio verified news.

Let us not fret however, George Miller is still on the line for now and if he ends up directing Justice League I won’t be crying that he missed out on Man of Steel 2.  Honestly I think I would rather see him direct Justice League over Man of Steel 2, I can picture the grandiose action of Mad Max applied to Justice League and that thought alone forces me to hold out hope.

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