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Manhunt Patreon Preview


I must admit, Patreon is somewhat foreign to me, I know about it but I don’t know exactly what it is, so when Jeremy Scully contacted me about his Patreon for Manhunt I was already curious. Patreon seems to be whatever the creator wants it to be, it has tiers like a Kickstarter, but it’s a monthly payment instead of a one time go. After looking into this and giving it a lot of thought I actually like the idea. It gives creators the freedom from worrying about payment and generally speaking it’s nothing more than monthly pull for a normal comic. The case might be different for other Patreon’s but Scully’s Manhunt Patreon is only five dollars or more, making it a very affordable monthly cost.

All that being said what the Patreon offers is a glimpse into the world of Manhunt. Manhunt is a black and white digital comic illustrated by J.C. Grande and it’s about a pair of law enforcement officers and their quest to track down a mysterious hitman. Officers Kevin Fries and Dana Jones dubbed the hitman“Target Killer” for his specific target killings. Scully has implemented all of the proper suspense and thriller tactics in his writing, the main character is intriguing and has depth as a person, the killer is equally as intriguing, but his motives have yet to be discovered. The first little preview that I read was certainly exciting and fun but I believe the depth in characters is what really shines. I feel like likeable law enforcement officers and depth within their character profile is almost always a good way to go because people always have respect for the job that they do and Scully made it a good point to mix the job the characters do with a little piece of their home lives to give them that needed humanity. Scully also knows how to make a villain compelling. Hidden motives and an uncompromising ruthlessness makes this hitman’s character profile just as interesting as the officers that pursue him.

The Patreon is only five dollars a month but they plan on getting it out to the public through other means like Amazon, Indyplanet, and Comixology. They can also be found on Facebook.


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