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Mark I Hitting Arizona in the Near Future?

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I recently came across a young man by the name of Yuhki Kaneta (23), a local resident of Tucson, Arizona, who decided to take on a large project of the comic book world. His favorite piece of armor that rests in Tony Stark”s armory is the Mark I. Now I was curious as to what he was planning. It turns out he is planning on recreating the monstrosity of a suit for future comic conventions. I decided to ask him a few questions about the construction and complexity of his future super suit and wished to share them with all of you.

Me: What made you want to recreate the Mark I?
Yuhki: I honestly chose Mark I for the fun aspect and because it holds a fair challenge for my constructing skills. It seems as though it is going to be a rather fun project for me.

Me: Do you think the process will be difficult and why?
Yuhki: Yes I do believe it is going to be difficult. All of the small details play a big part in the suit and need to be paid attention to. So yes it is going to be a great challenge to complete it and make it look good.

Me: How big are you planning on making the Mark I?
Yuhki: Well I am planning on making it movie quality size. As close as the actual size according to my height.

Me: What materials have you decided on using for this monstrosity?
Yuhki:I was looking into PVC piping, different metal components, and any other objects that properly fit the Mark I construction. Things like LEDs, fans, electrical equipment, etc.

Me: So are you planning on making it fully functional?
Yuhki: Yes I hope so. At least that is my dream for it.

Me: So when are you planning on debuting this costume to the fans?
Yuhki: I really do not have a planned date. I guess just whenever it is finished and to my liking.

Me: Are you getting any help from anyone or just completing it on your own?
Yuhki: Well I am okay with anyone who wants to help helping me, but as of right now I think I am on my own.

Me: How are you going to take care of the heat problem? Being in something that huge and bulky will definitely get hot.
Yuhki: I am planning on installing internal fans and staying inside as much as possible.

Me: Will you be able to walk long distances when wearing this suit?
Yuhki: I would definitely like to be mobile without a lot of struggle, so yes.

It was a blast getting to talk to him and learn more about his construction. Yuhki also has recreated other costumes based on anime and video game characters and also attends many Arizona and California conventions. I personally can not wait to see the finished product of the Mark I and will definitely share it with you all when the time comes.

This is Hellcat signing off.

Original early interview on Comic

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